Hindustani Raga Music

Hindustani Raga Music 


Hindustani music is most commonly associated with northern India. Hindustani music is based on the Raga system which is a melodic scale, consisting of notes from the basic seven notes indicative of Indian Classical music.

Hindustani Vocal Music Courses
Learning music notes, rhythms and development of different ragas in the system of Hindustani classical music. Hindustani music classes are conducted in a fun and respectful learning environment. Students will develop and progress individually while benefiting from a communal learning atmosphere that foster teamwork and peer support.

Classes will focus on:     

  • Concept of ragas including characteristics of a raga (ascending descending, vadi swara, samavadi swara, pakar etc.) and the association of time, moods, sentiments and seasons conveyed by each raga.
  • Rhythms (talas) and Sargams on different rhythms
  • Basic sargam
  • Breathing and sitting

Instructor: Rita Karmakar

Course CRN Day Date Time Fee
Hindustani Vocal Music 91057 Wednesday Sep. 19 - Nov. 7, 2018 7 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. $155

8 Classes