Horn Group Classes

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Group Lessons:

Interested in horn lessons AND developing friendships along the way? Consider joining us for our group horn lessons at MRU! Group lessons are a great affordable way to learn how to play the horn and make new friends with whom you can play duets, trios, quartets, you name it! Typical group lessons are an hour in length and involve instruction catered towards the group as well as individual help along the way. A great learning environment! 
  • Beginner Group - For those ages 10-14 who wish to start horn or are in their first year of playing the horn. 
  • Intermediate/Advanced - Open to horn players who have been playing anywhere between 2-5 years and would like to work more on their technical and musical skill
  • Adult - Scared to take lessons on your own? Come and join in with other adult horn players in a fun and safe environment! 


Intermediate/Advanced Horn Group Classes ThursdaySept. 28 - Dec. 7, 20175:30-6:30 p.m.$175
Adult Beginner Horn Group Classes ThursdaySept. 28 - Dec. 7, 20177 - 8 p.m.$175

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Horn Startup Clinic:

Middle School and Junior High band teachers -- are you often exasperated starting your students on the horn? Let us come to your school and start your horn players! 
The French horn is often considered one of the most difficult instruments to learn. In our experiences as horn clinicians, we believe that with proper instruction you can ensure that your new horn players are set up correctly right from the beginning! Our horn startup clinic covers all the essentials:  
  • embouchure and sound production (breathing/buzzing)
  • posture (including bell on vs off the leg)
  • single vs double horn (and when to switch to F or Bb)
  • right hand position
  • pitching tools and accuracy
  • horn maintenance

Our startup clinic will include one introductory session , followed by 3 follow up sessions, over the course of the Fall term, ensuring good habits are ingrained and your students are making progress. With our startup program your horn students will develop a solid foundation and have the necessary tools to become good horn players.