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Dance Theatre


Introduction to Dance Theatre

Mark's artistic work cultivates the personal creativity in each mover - this focus on supporting the movement with clear imaginings brings a focus on unique performance quality to the stage. Often coined as "Acting for Dancers, and Dancing for Actors" these methods have proven effective for anyone with a physical interest - singers, athletes, musicians. While this work will be applied firstly to dance throughout this workshop, the pedagogy is applicable across any lifestyle - come find out how!

"Participants will find themselves freed through a daring combination of textual, musical and visual exercises all building upon each other and intertwining as part of the dance. This workshop will draw upon existing skills while challenging abilities of each participant. An enlightening opportunity for anyone with an adventurous spirit and desire to move."

 Instructor: Mark Ikeda

Introduction to Dance Theatre (15 yrs +)CRN 1SaturdayTBA 1 - 3 p.m.$220

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