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Music Theory, History and Composition


The Conservatory offers group classes and private instruction in all theoretical and practical subjects, in accordance with the national standard as established by the Royal Conservatory of Music and Conservatory Canada.

All theory group classes are full year classes. Online registration is not available. To register or for more information, call 403.440.6821.

Group classes

BasicThe essential building blocks of music theory: notes, scales, keys, chords and rhythms. Also includes aural skills (interval recognition, sight singing, cadence recognition, melodic dictation).
BasicLaying the foundation for further studies in Harmony, Counterpoint, Analysis and Composition.
IntermediateA continuation of Basic Harmony, exploring the minor mode and introducing the process of modulation (changing key) and the use of 7th chords.
AdvancedDemonstrates how the Romantic composers expanded on the style of Classical composers, with special emphasis on chromatic harmony.

The Counterpoint portion of Advanced Harmony hones melody-writing skills and culminates in the student's creation of two-part contrapuntal compositions.
 The art of combining two or more melodies within the harmonic framework explored in Basic and Intermediate Harmony.
 The analysis of repertoire ranging from Baroque fugues, classical sonatas and Romantic lieder to 20th Century compositions.
1An overview of all historical periods from the Baroque to the 20th Century.
2A closer look at the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical periods.
3An in-depth look at the Romantic era and the 20th Century, and delving into the history of Canadian music.

All courses run from the first week of September to mid-May. Rudiments and Analysis group classes are 60 minutes. Harmony, Counterpoint and History classes are 75 minutes. Maximum class size: 8.

Fall 2016/ Winter 2017 Group Class Schedules


Composition lessons are offered as private lessons both on and off campus with one of our faculty composers. Group instruction of two or more students may be arranged by request. Call 403.440.6821 or e-mail for more information, or fill out our online private lesson request form.

Private lessons

While not all Music Theory and History subjects or levels may be available as group classes each year, instruction for all subjects at all grade levels is available at any time in private lessons. Call 403.440.6821 or e-mail for more information, or fill out our online private lesson request form.

On-campus instructorsOff-campus instructors
(Basic to Advanced)

Erin MacLean- Berko
Tim Janz
Veronica Tapia

(Basic to Advanced)

Tim Janz
Veronica Tapia

Counterpoint/AnalysisTim Janz 
(Levels 1-3)
Erin Berko 
CompositionTim Janz
Veronica Tapia

Theory Co-requisites

Theory co-requisites required for Royal Conservatory/Conservatory Canada examinations*
Certificate/diploma level
Required co-requisites
Introductory &
Grades 1–4
Grade 5Basic Rudiments
Grade 6Intermediate Rudiments
Grades 7 & 8Advanced Rudiments
Grade 9Basic Harmony (or Basic Keyboard Harmony)
History One
Grade 10Intermediate Harmony (or Intermediate Keyboard Harmony)
History Two
Advanced Harmony (or Advanced Keyboard Harmony)
History Three

* Theory instruction only. Students will need to take the appropriate RCM or Conservatory Canada examination in order to obtain the corresponding certificate or diploma.