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Speech Arts & Drama Theory

Speech Arts Merchant of Venice 
Mount Royal Conservatory speech arts theory courses are based on the Royal Conservatory Examinations Speech Arts and Drama Syllabus, 2011 Edition.

There are two components of Speech Arts theory:

Beginning at the RCM Examinations Grade Seven level, students are required to successfully complete both a practical examination and the theory co-requisite to receive certificates. The Conservatory's Speech Arts & Drama theory classes fully prepare students for these written theory examinations.

Theoretical studies are most relevant when there is a clear connection to practical work, and this is an important principle of our approach. Students engage in their studies through reading, research, and discussion, carefully designed homework assignments and mock examinations. They gain insight and understanding for their practical performance work and the enriched study of literature and drama serves them well in academic studies in both high school and university.

Students should consult with their private teacher regarding the addition of theoretical studies to their individual program of study.

Registration for theory classes closes one week before the start date. For information or to register, call the Conservatory at 403.440.6821 or contact the Speech Arts & Drama Program Coordinator, 403.440.6981.

Technical TheoryInstructor: Susan DuskaGrant Paterson

8 classes

Technical Theory Level 1*CRN 2062SusanSaturdayFeb. 24 - May 5, 20181 - 2:30 p.m.EA1070$259

Technical Theory Level 2*

CRN 2063SusanSaturdayFeb. 24 - May 5, 201811:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.EA1070$259
Technical Theory Level 3*CRN 2064GrantMondayFeb. 26 - May 7, 20185:15 - 7:00 p.m.EA1067$290

* Technical Level 1 is co-requisite to the RCM Grade 7 practical examination

* Technical Level 2 is co-requisite to the RCM Grade 8 practical examination

* Technical Level 3 is co-requisite to the RCM Grade 10 practical examination

Fee includes course materials.

History and Literature TheoryInstructor: Susan Duska, Jennifer Orr

8 classes

History and Literature Level One*CRN 2065JenniferSaturdayFeb. 24 - May 5, 201812:30 - 2:00 p.m.EA1067$250
History and Literature Level Two*CRN 1688SusanSaturdayFeb. 24 - May 5, 20189:30 - 11:15 a.m.EA1070$285

* History and Literature Level One is co-requisite to the RCM Grade 9 practical examination.

* History and Literature Level Two is co-requisite to the RCM Grade 10 practical examination.

Registration New student and online registration opens November 14, 2018.

*Heavy call volumes may be experienced when the registration period first opens. Room Location

Room numbers designated with the "EA" prefix are located in the Faculty of Arts building, on the east side of the main campus and across the road from the Conservatory building, the Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts.