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Fiddle Classes

For adults

Classes designed for adults who have started the fiddle, but need some help to take them to the next level. Work on improving your basic technique, add some traditional tunes to your repertoire, and have some fun in our group classes as you develop your fiddle playing. 

Beginner Class focuses on basic fiddle playing techniques. There will be many exercises to get your fingers and bow moving and then add these techniques to fiddle tunes. You should have some experience on the fiddle but still want to learn how to improve your tone and work on basic technique.

Intermediate and Advanced Classes focus on different bowing patterns, developing technical skills like vibrato, learning different fiddling styles and touching base on back-up fiddle and harmony. You should be able to play well enough to focus on the music and not just your instrument.

Instructor: Lynae Dufresne


Fall 2017
14 Weekly 50-min classes

Fiddle Classes (Intermediate)CRN 1545ThursdayFeb. 1 - May 18, 20187:00 - 8:00 p.m.$230
Fiddle Classes (Advanced)CRN 1546ThursdayFeb. 1 - May 17, 20188:00 - 9:00 p.m.$230