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Speech Arts & Drama - Customized Day Time Classes

The Mount Royal University Conservatory Speech Arts and Drama program offers a multi-dimensional exploration of literature, performance and voice development and is geared at developing authentic and artistic communication skills.

Speech Arts and Drama training provides countless links to Drama and Language Arts curriculum, and can be used to enhance or fulfill learning goals in these areas, and to support learning outcomes across the curriculum.

We offer private instruction and customized group classes.

Private Instruction: This option provides in-depth, personalized training in speech arts and drama. The one-on-one lesson setting provides an opportunity for growth and a venue for excellence. Placement in private lessons is arranged in consultation with the Speech Arts & Drama program coordinator.

Customized “On Demand” Group Classes: We will be happy to arrange a class for your group. We require a minimum of 5 students, and scheduling is dependent on instructor availability. We will work with you to target particular learning objectives within our curriculum, and to determine the length, number and frequency of lessons. “On demand classes” are arranged in consultation with the Speech Arts & Drama program coordinator.

Curriculum areas include:

  • Voice and Speech Development
  • Public Speaking and Presentations
  • Storytelling
  • Poetry and Drama in Performance
  • Readers theatre
  • Shakespeare

Please contact the Conservatory's Speech Arts and Drama program coordinator, Jennifer Orr, for more information.