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Junior Orchestra FAQs

The Audition Application

I don’t know which orchestra to audition for?
Auditions are for the Junior Orchestra Program, not one specific ensemble. Students are placed in the ensemble that best suits their needs.

Look at the guidelines regarding age and playing level, see Orchestras and Instrumental Ensemble.

What are the requirements?
See Orchestral Audition Requirements.

I have booked an audition. When will I receive a confirmation?
An audition confirmation will be sent by email as soon as you book your audition. A reminder of your audition will be send 24 hours prior to your audition time.

I have booked an audition and I still haven’t received my confirmation email. What should I do?
Please go into your Click4Time profile and make sure your email address is correct. If it is correct and you still haven’t received a confirmation, please call the Conservatory at 403-440-8650.

I need to change my assigned audition time who should I talk to?
Follow the links in your confirmation email, sign in to Click4Time, and change your audition time. If you experience difficulty, please call the Conservatory at 403-440-8650.

I missed the auditions in May; may I still audition? Are auditions scheduled for late summer?
Late auditions usually apply to students who are new to Calgary or those who are just finding out about us. Please call the Conservatory at 403-440-6821 for more information.

The Audition

Do I need an accompanist?
No. Play unaccompanied.

Do I need to memorize my pieces?
Playing by memory is optional. If you prefer, use your music to play to the best of your ability.

May I play studies?
No – Two contrasting pieces show more of your abilities.

I just started a new piece. May I play it?
No, play pieces that you know very well.

How long is the audition?
Ten minutes.

The Orchestra

What is the cost?
See Junior Orchestra Program.

Are there any additional costs?

When do the orchestras rehearse?
See Junior Orchestra Program.

How many concerts do the orchestras perform during the year?
Usually, the orchestras perform two formal concerts and also compete in the Calgary Performing Arts Festival.

Who is the conductor?
See Conservatory Faculty page.