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Calgary Piano Institute

2019 dates coming soon! For ages 7-18.

Get inspired! Realize your potential!

The Calgary Piano Institute is an intensive one-week piano immersion program designed to provide inspiration, opportunities and support during the summer. Students will experience a wide variety of musical experiences, develop friendships, and grow as young artists. Taking place at the end of the summer, the program will catapult students into the new school year, refreshing technical skills and providing motivation at all levels. The week of musical excitement will culminate in a final Grand Recital on the last day. Parents, friends, family and general public are welcome and encouraged to attend free of charge.

All students will participate in daily masterclasses and will have at least 2 private lessons during the week. Additional level-specific experiences include:

Preparatory (Beginners)

  • Note recognition
  • Rhythm recognition
  • Music listening and responding
  • Ear training
  • Sight reading
  • Music appreciation
  • Performance

Juniors (RCM Grades 1-3)

  • Daily Musicianship classes to develop stronger reading skills, listening skills and historical knowledge
  • Private lessons and masterclasses
  • Introduction to the harpsichord and organ
  • Daily duet practice and instruction
  • Practicing will be supervised by the program's tutor

Intermediates (RCM Grades 4-6)

  • Daily duet practice and instruction
  • Introduction to harpsichord and organ performance
  • Practicing will be supervised by the program's tutor
  • Private lessons and masterclasses

Seniors (RCM Grades 7-9)

  • Daily duet or two piano practice and instruction
  • Intermediate harpsichord and organ performance class
  • Extended lesson time
  • Piano Technique classes

Advanced (RCM Grades 10+)

  • Students at this level have a unique opportunity to choose an area of interest besides their lessons and masterclasses:
  • Chamber music
  • Composition
  • Theory
  • History
  • Advanced harpsichord
  • Piano ensemble
  • Accompaniment skills
  • Lieder
  • Solo repertoire (extra private lessons)


Marianne Bleile, Mount Royal Conservatory, Founder, Artistic Director

Dmitry Nesterov, Mount Royal Conservatory

Dale Jackson, Mount Royal Conservatory


Calgary Piano Institute (Half-Day - for Preparatory level only)TBDM - FComing Soon!9 a.m. - 1 p.m.$225
Calgary Piano InstituteTBDM - FComing Soon!9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.$450

Applicants must be ages 7-18 years.

cons_content_registrationinfo_button  or call 403.440.6821

Residency Option

Stay on campus for the week. Residence fees are very reasonable, and the facilities are a five minute walk from classes and performance halls. Contact Residence Services at 403.440.6275 for more information, or e-mail


Payment is required for parking at Mount Royal University, Mon-Sat and parking regulations are enforced. Visitor parking lots and rates.