Bachelor of Arts – English Major

Required Courses:

  • Minimum of 16 one-semester ENGL courses. A maximum of two authorized non-ENGL equivalents may be counted as ENGL in fulfilment of this requirement.
  • Maximum of 24 ENGL courses
  • At least one but no more than two 1000-level Literature courses
  • The following two English Literature Survey courses: ENGL 2210 - English Literature to the Restoration and ENGL 2211 - English Literature from the Restoration to the Present; or equivalent
  • A minimum of one 2000-level Writing course
  • ENGL 2202 - Theory in English Studies
  • Minimum of two courses in North American Literature (Canadian or American)
  • Minimum of one course in Global or Transnational Literature
  • Minimum of four 3000-level English courses, at least two of which must focus on Pre-1900 Literature
  • Minimum of two 4000-level English courses
  • Students must fulfil a Language/Linguistics requirement. This requirement can be satisfied by taking ENGL 3306 – History of the English Language; or one Language course; or one Linguistics course.

Category requirements can be met by taking courses at the 1000, 2000, 3000, or 4000 level unless otherwise specified.