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Reporting and claiming expenses

All claims for reimbursement of expenses must comply with the Travel and Expense Policy (POL 820-1) and associated procedures as well as the terms and conditions of your award. Any claims that do not adhere to Mount Royal policies and procedures will be returned by ORSCE. The Principle Investigator is accountable if research funds are overspent, regardless of who did the spending. The PI may be held responsible for covering deficits for unapproved or ineligible expenses and for not complying with MRU and funding agency rules and regulations.

Research expense claims for research funds administered by ORSCE can only be authorized through and by ORSCE.

Reimbursement for MRU employees Reimbursement of expenses paid personally by a researcher can only be requested through the Mount Royal Expense Report. For information on this process, please contact ORSCE Research Finance Analyst Suman Panta at 403.440.8639 or

The most common expenses of this nature are:

When filling out an expense claim form, accounting codes for each item claimed must be provided. The most common of these codes are:
  • 63004 - For hiring a research assistant/associate
  • 69002 - Labor cost recovery (research)
  • 72000 - Supplies (pens, pencils, binders, tape etc)
  • 72001 - Supplies (audio visual materials, slides, lab supplies, media production costs etc)
  • 72002 - Materials
  • 72003 - Publications
  • 72004 - Subscriptions
  • 72005 - Memberships
  • 72006 - Textbooks
  • 72007 - Printing
  • 72008 - Photocopying
  • 72050 - Other supplies (miscellaneous supplies that do not fit a previously mentioned category)
  • 78110* - Conference attended
  • 78111* - Conference hosted
  • 78112* - Department meeting/activity
  • 78113* - External meeting - business
  • 78114* - External meeting - government
  • 79020 - Cost recovery
  • 79001*- Field trips

A full list of accounting codes can be found here.

Codes marked with an asterisk require the use of an activity code to further describe the expenditure. The most common of these codes are:

  • 100 - Accommodation, including hotels, motels, private accommodation allowances, and all applicable taxes
  • 105 - All equipment that is acquired as a part of a PD, conference, or workshop
  • 110 - All meal (per diem) and catering or food expenses
  • 115 - Cost of materials and texts associated with account activity
  • 120 - All registration expenses - may include meals if provided as a package with registration and the cost is not identified separately
  • 125 - Air travel expenses including all airfares, air charters, applicable taxes, and processing fees
  • 130 - Ground travel and parking including taxis, shuttle buses, limo, mileage claims, and parking costs

A detailed original receipt is required to support all requests for reimbursement. Some specific situations require additional documentation:

  • For food for a conference/meeting, please provide:
    • A list of participants
    • Who the participants are (e.g. MRU employee, community partner, research participant, etc.)
    • The purpose of the meeting
  • For gift cards or other incentives, please provide:
    • A list of participants including their names (if the name of the participants can't be disclosed due to the nature of the research, then a PI needs to provide in writing why the names of the participants are not available along with a coded list of incentive recipients. This information also needs to be disclosed through Ethics clearance itself.)
    • Who the participants are (e.g. MRU employee, community partner, research participant, etc.)
    • The purpose of the incentive
    • Verification that the use of incentives has been disclosed through the ethics process
  • For small, non-IT equipment, written justification is required detailing why the equipment was needed and what it was used for. For expenses incurred by MRU employees other than the PI, signatures are needed from both the PI and from the ORSCE budget manager.

Reimbursement for non-employees

Reimbursement for non-MRU employees will be processed through ORSCE upon the PI’s submission of a request for reimbursement with an original receipt. Please contact Suman Panta at for an expense reimbursement form.

We are here to help

For questions and assistance with reporting and claiming expenses, please contact our Research Finance Analyst, Suman Panta, at 403.440.8639 or