Conduct Your Research

Hiring and contracting for research

Hiring a research AssistantFor information on hiring research assistants, please see Hire and Supervise Research Assistants.

Contracting services

A General Services Agreement must be setup and sent to the Office of Research, Scholarship, and Community Engagement (ORSCE) before an independent contractor starts working. ORSCE will not process documentation for work completed before a contract is in place. 

  1. Ensure you are familiar with the MRU Purchasing Policy (POL-1110) in terms of competitive bidding and sole/preferred source bidding. Both of these processes apply to contracted services, as well as the purchase of equipment.
  2. Fill out a General Service Agreement (GSA). The GSA is available in two forms, GSA for Corporations and GSA for individuals.
  3. Fill in all of the blanks contained throughout the agreement and have a minimum of two copies of the agreement executed in blue ink. Please note that you should make sure to use the corporation or individual’s full legal name at the top of the agreement.
  4. If particular terms are required, you may work with the ORSCE Manager, Melissa Deane, to develop your terms. If special terms move beyond the authority of ORSCE, we will work with you and Legal Services to determine the best way to move forward with your agreement.
  5. If you are contracting with a corporation, they should provide a copy of the business incorporation document.
  6. If a contractor does not have the required liability insurance, please request a waiver of this term through Risk Services. If approved, Legal Services will adjust the standard contract accordingly to waive the liability insurance clause.
  7. If a contractor is visiting MRU to provide presentation and other education-orientated initiatives to the University, they need to sign a Presenter Service Agreement.
  8.  If the guest speaker or service provider (paid or unpaid) is a foreign national, the completed contracting information must go through Ben Hall, MRU General Counsel ( in order to ensure that they may legally provide services in Canada.
  9. All new vendors (suppliers of goods and services) including those who are seeking their cost reimbursed from the MRU need to fill out a vendor form to enlist as an MRU vendor.
  10. All contractors and service providers must provide a copy of a void cheque and/or banking information endorsed by the bank to receive payment. MRU prefers direct deposit for Canadian and US vendors.

Please note: All contracts are executed between the Board of Governors of Mount Royal University and the contractor. All contracts must be signed by ORSCE on behalf of The Board of Governors of Mount Royal University.

Sole and Preferred Source Contracts in excess of $5000 require that the institution enter into a competitive bidding process. Under certain circumstances, this process is waived. However, requests for “sole” or preferred goods or services over $5000 must be accompanied by a Sole/Preferred Source Form detailing the specifics of the purchase that prevent utilizing the competitive bidding process. If a Sole/Preferred Source Form is required, it should be sent to ORSCE, along with the GSA Sole/Preferred Source Form.

Paying for Contract Services

Invoices for services on a contract should be forwarded to our Research Finance Analyst, Suman Panta, at who will then arrange direct payment of the invoice. You should sign the invoice indicating that the services have been satisfactorily completed and that you would like the invoice to be paid. Please also let us know the FOAP from which you would like the invoice to be paid. Researchers may not pay contractors directly under any circumstances.


We are here to help For questions and assistance with contracting a consultant, please contact ORSCE manager, Melissa Deane, at 403.440.5081 or For questions and assistance with paying for contract services, please contact our Research Finance Analyst, Suman Panta, at 403.440.8639 or