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Purchasing equipment and software

Purchasing non-IT equipmentBefore purchasing equipment with funding administered by ORSCE, please contact our Research Finance Analyst, Suman Panta, at 403.440.8639 or This is to ensure that:

  • enough funding is available
  • you can place a hold on those funds
  • you check to make sure we don’t have similar equipment already available for you to use at MRU
  • you are advised on any procedures involved for a particular piece of equipment.

Please remember that the purchase of equipment is not an instant process. When spending funds administered by ORSCE, please allow at least two weeks for purchase and delivery.


Small equipment (e.g. voice recorders, basic digital cameras etc.) can be purchased by researchers and then claimed for reimbursement by completing an expense report. A single expense report can be used for multiple purchases if those purchases were made within a reasonable time from each other.
To fill out an expense claim form for small purchases:
  1. Be certain to keep all receipts
  2. Open the Account Dictionary, you will need to refer to this document in order to complete the form
  3. Locate and open the expense report form found on your P: drive at P:\FORMS\MR Templates\ Expense Report Canada_US.xltm
  4. Click close on the dialogue box that appears warning you to enable macros
  5. Enter your name, business phone number, MRU ID#, department, and 4-digit ORG in the required fields
  6. Enter "research" in the description of expense field
  7. Enter the date you made your first purchase in both the from field
  8. Enter the date you made your last purchase in the to field
  9. If any field marked as “required” does not apply, please enter "N/A"
  10. Read and agree to the terms by clicking the agree to terms box (This box will only be clickable if all required preceding information has been filled out)
  11. If you are claiming US dollar expenses, click the US travel box
  12. Click Expenses
  13. Enter the required information
    • Date – enter the date in MM/DD/YY format. The date must fall in the range of the dates you entered on the Input tab. The form will validate the date you have entered against the range. If your date receives an “X” in the Valid column, it does not meet the date range criteria that was entered on the Input Tab.
    • Purpose Description – Enter a descriptor for the purchase. This tells the story of the purchase – please be as clear as possible (ie – Motel 6 accommodation for conference instead of just accommodation).
    • Fund – Enter your six-digit FOAP number.
    • ORG – Your ORG will be automatically entered
    • Account – Enter the appropriate accounting code for the item purchased. This number is found in the Account Dictionary opened in Step One
    • Prog – Enter your 5-digit prog number
    • Activity – This number is only required for some expenses, refer to the Account Dictionary opened in step one for details
    • Total Paid – Enter the total amount (inclusive of all taxes, tips & other charges) that you paid for the line item as shown on the receipt.
    • Tip – Enter the amount of the tip if one was paid
    • Tax columns - Choose the province in which the purchase was made from the drop down menu. The GST column will be automatically filled in. In the ALL TAX column, enter the total amount of all taxes applied to the purchase (this could be GST, HST, or Provincial Sales tax)
    • Expense Amount – The form will automatically calculate the amount of the expense. No input is needed.
  14. Click the Expense Report Summary tab (the red tab at the bottom of the page)
  15. Ensure that all information is correct
  16. Press print, ensure that the expenses tab, allowance tab (if applicable), and expense report summary tab print
  17. Sign the form on both the expenses and allowance pages, attach all necessary documents and original receipts and submit it to ORSCE

  1. Ensure you are familiar with the university’s Purchasing Policy (POL 1110) and accompanying procedures
  2. Contact our Research Finance Analyst, Suman Panta, at with the details of your desired purchase, including the preferred vendor name and a quotation
  3. Suman will then make a purchase requisition on your behalf
  4. You will be informed by the Supply Chain Services when your purchased item(s) arrive

ORSCE can also arrange for invoices to be paid directly to the vendor. To do this, the PI needs to authorize the invoice to indicate that the goods have been received and are ready to be paid for and send the original invoice to the Research Finance Analyst with a note indicating which FOAP to use to pay the invoice.

Purchasing IT equipment and software

All purchases of IT equipment and software should follow the Purchase of Computer and Telecommunication Equipment policy (POL 1020).

All IT equipment and software paid for by research funds administered by ORSCE must be purchased through Mount Royal University ITS. Please allow a couple of weeks for purchase and delivery (this can vary by the equipment/software being purchased).


  1. Contact Ian Leeson ( in IT Services. If you are unsure exactly what you require, he will help you decide on what you need. If specifications are known, Ian will run through them and will make a recommendation.
  2. If your purchase is a non-standard spec, ITS will often require a waiver to say that any repairs to the equipment cannot be made ‘in-house’ and it will have to be returned to the manufacturer if repair is required. This Waiver requires signatures from you, ORSCE, ITS, and your faculty chair or dean.
  3. Send the quotation provided by Ian Leeson to our Research Finance Analyst, Suman Panta, at 403.440.8639 or, along with an email stating that you would like to purchase the equipment in question.
  4. ORSCE Research Finance Analyst will then complete a purchase requisition and send it to ITS directly.
  5. ITS will notify you when the equipment has arrived.
  1. Contact the License Manger at ITS at
  2. The License Manager will provide the cost of the software and arrange for the purchase to be made. They will either ask for a purchase requisition from ORSCE or will arrange for an internal charge-back to be made directly to your research account.
  3. Provide ITS with the asset tag number of the computer on which the software is to be installed.
  4. ITS will then come and install the software onto the machine.

We are here to help  For questions and assistance with purchasing equipment, please contact our Research Finance Analyst, Suman Panta, at 403.440.8639 or