Ideas Visualization Lounge

Ideas Visualization Lounge
The above rendering is for illustration purposes only and is subject to change.

At the heart of the Riddell Library and Learning Centre, this public presentation and gathering space is designed to invigorate conversation and spark ideas. This space is designed to host public talks and panels, discussions and conversation cafes, book launches and performances, or lectures and public programs.

This spot is prominently located on the first floor. The ideas introduced here should provoke, inform and engage.

This space includes a small diaz or stage with a large scale visualization wall that can be used for large-scale visualization, or the display and presentation of unique content, or special programs and events.

This space also includes technology to allow recording and streaming, bringing Mount Royal University hosted events to a wider audience. When not programmed with exciting speakers this space is available to highlight student work and faculty scholarship — both digitally through the visualization display wall and through physical displays. This is an exceptional community and idea space that helps shape future citizens.

Map indicating the location of Ideas Visualization Lounge on the current floor