Junior Camps (9-14)

Junior Camps (9-14)


For children and youth 9-14 years of age (or 8 entering grade 4)
Groups divided according to age
Time: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday
Complimentary pre and post care from 7:30-8:30 a.m. and 4:30-5:30 p.m.

Note on Camp Descriptions
Please note that camp descriptions represent programming possibilities only. In order to facilitate the best instruction possible, instructors are given the opportunity to alter camps to suit their groups. Therefore, the following descriptions present only a sample of the potential activities offered. Not all activities described will necessarily be offered in each session.

New! Dynamic Gamers

Plug into the world of motion-control video gaming with MRUKids’ new Dynamic Gamers camp. Learn the techniques and strategies involved in motion-control gaming in an inclusive and non-competitive environment. Get a behind the scenes look at video games by developing your own using backgrounds, animated graphics, music and sound effects.

Session 1: July 17-July 2870275$509.00

New! Conoco Phillips Youth Science Academy (11-14)ce_logo_conoco_philips

All ConocoPhillips Youth Science Academy participants receive a $100 scholarship towards the cost of the program. In order to take advantage of this offer please register by telephone rather than online. Call 403.440.3833 or toll-free 1.877.287.8001.

Geek out on science! Design a roller coaster, build a bridge and combust gummy bears while simultaneously learning higher-level science. Whether you’re an expert or new to science, this two week session explores fun-filled experiments in engineering, biology, chemistry and astronomy.

Session 1: July 4-July 14*70094$458.00
Session 2: July 17-July 2870072$509.00
Session 3: July 31-Aug. 11*70229$458.00
Session 4: Aug. 14-Aug. 2570263$509.00
*No camp July 3, 2017  
*No camp Aug. 7, 2017  

Academie Artiste Drawing and Art History

Explore the exciting history of drawing techniques created by the masters of the art world from the Renaissance to the present. Create your own masterpieces with these inspiring techniques using materials including drawing pencils, willow charcoal, chalk pastels and more. Finish the camp by showcasing your pieces in our Academie Artiste art show. 
*In order to get the full experience Academie Artiste experience we suggest taking this camp along with the painting and sculpting section.

Session 1: July 4–July 7*70250$251.00
Session 2: July 17– July 2170251$309.00
Session 3: July 31 –Aug. 470252$309.00
Session 4: Aug. 14–Aug. 1870269$309.00
*No camp July 3, 2017

Academie Artiste Painting and Sculpting

Create your own visual masterpieces with various artistic painting and sculpting styles. Learn how to blend and shade paint to add texture to your work. Delve into the expressive world of sculpting using classic and modern materials. Finish the camp by showcasing your pieces in our Academie Artiste art show.
*In order to get the full Academie Artiste experience we suggest taking this course along with the drawing and art history section.

Session 1: July 10-July 1470254$309.00
Session 2: July 24-July 2870261$309.00
Session 3: Aug.8-Aug. 11*70262$251.00
Session 4: Aug. 21-Aug. 2570264$309.00
*No Camp Aug. 7, 2017  

Canadian Natural Junior Innovators (9-12) ce_logo_canadian_natural

MRUKids presents Canadian Natural Resources Junior Innovators, a one-week program designed to encourage youth to develop creative ways to solve community-based problems using technology and innovation. You will learn how to break codes that conceal secret messages, and how to decipher image puzzles. In teams you will plan, design and construct a Rube Goldberg chain reaction invention. You will solve the murder case of Jimmy Giant Head, by collecting physical evidence and interviewing suspects. After the camp concludes you will be an expert problem solver and inventor!

Session 1: July 10–July 1470100$279.00
Session 4: Aug. 21–Aug. 2570126$279.00

Junior Leaders (9-13)

MRUKids presents Junior Leaders, a one-week program designed to encourage leadership skills and self-awareness in youth. Learn about conflict resolution and active strategies to diffuse difficult situations. Research the effects the media plays on young people’s self-esteem. Draw a self-portrait emphasizing your favourite aspects of yourself. Then compete in Survivor challenges to build on your team-work skills.

Session 1: July 4–July 7*70091$239.00
Session 4: Aug. 14– Aug. 1870093$279.00
*No camp July 3, 2017

Tech Academy

Get a well-rounded techno-education with our re-designed Tech Academy camp.

Build and program a Lego Mindstorms Robot. Learn how to display a sequence of images using different animation techniques in this innovative technology-focused program. Explore the wonderful world of science as you create glowing jello, test rocks for their calcium content, find out how much vitamin C, iron and sugar there is in your favorite cereal, and build volcanoes.

Session 1: July 4 – July 14*70257$469.00
Session 2: July 17-July 2870258$509.00
Session 3: July 31-Aug. 11*70259$469.00
Session 4: Aug. 14-Aug. 2570260$509.00
*No camp July 3, 2017
*No camp Aug. 7, 2017

Reel-2-Real Film School

Create your very own mini motion picture. Plan, shoot and edit footage while learning the elements of filmmaking. This year we have added the element of stop-motion claymation. Experiment with this element to create your very own Oscar-worthy short film.

Session 2: July 31-Aug. 11*70063$469.00
*No camp Aug. 7, 2017

Hip Hop

So you think you can dance? Hip Hop Camp gets campers on their feet with break dancing, locking and popping to popular hits. Campers will choreograph, rehearse and shoot their own music video, which will be screened at the end of the camp for families and fans.

Session 1: Aug. 8-Aug. 18*70228$469.00
*No camp Aug. 7, 2017


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