Nonprofit Governance


One of the distinguishing characteristics of charitable and nonprofit organizations is that they are led and governed by a voluntary board of directors. But boards, more often than not, fail to function well. As civil society organizations, community groups have an obligation to reflect the diversity of the communities they serve, but often find themselves challenged to do so.

Student Report: Matchmaking in an Economic Downturn: Strategic Partnerships for Community Prosperity
Author: Alexandra Zabel (2015)
Increasingly, non-profit organizations have been looking for opportunities to partner with the private sector. Community growth and prosperity are important factors in each sector’s ultimate success; facilitated strategic discussions between non-profit organizations and private businesses would further these goals. This paper explores the issue of private investment in non-profit organizations, and how to foster strategic partnerships between the non-profit sector and private businesses.

Article: Roles and challenges of immigrant and ethno-cultural organizations in the health system - a case in Calgary
Author: Daniel Lai (2013)

Report: Passing the Torch - Female Leadership in the Nonprofit Sector
Author: Alanna McInnes (2013)
During her time as the 2012-2013 Student Research Intern in the Institute for Nonprofit, Alanna studied the issue of women and their entry into the nonprofit sector. To do this, she interviewed female leaders across Canada and sought their advice about young women and their position in the nonprofit sector. The result is a revealing and sometimes personal portrait of the circumstances women face as they contemplate a career in the nonprofit sector. Alanna's report Passing the Torch: Female leadership in the Nonprofit Sector has implications for the nonprofit sector in general, nonprofit organizations, and, of course, young women.

Report: Chinese Connection - Nonprofit responses to changes in Calgary's Chinese Community
Author: Ezra Voth (2012)
As the 2011-2012 Student Research Intern in the Institute for Nonprofit Studies, Ezra set out to explore how nonprofit organizations (Chinese-focused, immigrant serving agencies, and faith-based organizations) are responding to three key changes in Calgary's Chinese Community - changes in place of origin; a geographic shift in where Chinese people choose to reside, and aging of the Chinese community. The report makes an important contribution to Chinese and non-Chinese serving nonprofits alike.

Working Paper: Nonprofit Co-operatives - An alternative to state or the profit-making private sector for the delivery of public services
Authors: Larry Haiven and Judy Haiven, Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia (2011).

Working Paper: Organizational Representation of Visible Minorities
Authors: Agnes Meinhard and Farhat Faridi, Ryerson University (2010)