Community Learning

Continuing Education

The Institute supports three main realms of changemaker learning:

1. For-credit, undergraduate learning for aspiring changemakers;
2. Learning opportunities for people already working in the community; and
3. Bridging academic learning with community action.

Mount Royal offers a variety of programs for community changemakers looking to upgrade their professional skills and knowledge. The following programs will form part of a Community Prosperity and Sustainability Program Suite offered through the Faculty of Continuing Education and Extension. The Institute serves as a co-developer and program advisor for these offerings:

Extension Certificate in Nonprofit Management: 10-course, 150-hour program covering the basics of management and governance of non-profit organizations in Canada

Extension Certificate in Corporate Community Investment (to be launched in Fall 2015): 5-course, 75 hour program, providing those working in community investment with a professional development opportunity designed to inspire creative thinking and strategic actions as facilitators of community prosperity.

Community Learning

Discuss: Ideas and Action Forum

Meet Up: Social Impact YYC Meet-up

Collaborate: Social Innovation Hub

Design: Design Fellowships (expected 2016)

Recode: Recode MRU