Teacher Education

Faculty Development Program

The Faculty Development Program is a customized program designed for faculty members working in international and Canadian universities that wish to internationalize in English. Participants analyze a student-centered, active approach to teaching and learning, as well as acquire practical experience and strategies.

Building Capacity: Teaching Content in English

Teaching Content in English develops language skills and instructional methods that professors can use to teach a content course in English in a learner-centered environment through case study methodology. This 50 hour course is an intensive program of reading, partner and group work, oral presentations, peer feedback and practical application to their own contexts.


This course is designed for professors and teaching assistants who need to teach content courses using English. High intermediate language proficiency is required (CEF B2 or equivalent).


Latest Faculty Development Programs

Universidad Catolica San Pablo (UCSP)

Peru FDP

Teaching Content in English was delivered for the second time at UCSP in Arequipa, Peru to professors from January 9 - 20, 2017.


University of Guanajuato


Visiting professors from the University of Guanajuato participated in our course Teaching Content in English from November 13 - 24, 2017.


"I liked the structure and the flowing of the topics. It's been solid and coherent. Besides, the course provides a general display of the topics in new education meanwhile - with the teaching group work - we learn deeper some of the main points. I appreciate so much the experience as a student in a constructivist class."


"There were many aspects of the course that I liked, but I especially liked two specific areas. First, and surprisingly so, I enjoyed the team teaching. Although stressful, it was a stimulating activity, made even more so through the give and take of ideas among the team members. Secondly, we were exposed to some challenging and thought provoking issues in teaching. The intellectual stimulation was terrific."


"It’s a really hands-on course with high-quality materials. The professor makes complicated issues easy to work with and also keeps you focused on the core issues."


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Universidad del Pacifico in Lima, Peru 2016 (in English).

Universidad Catolica San Pablo in Arequipa, Peru 2016 (in Spanish).