Open House


Open House takes place every year at MRU in late October. This full day event is MRU's premier student recruitment event. Open House introduces prospective students and their families to MRU and gives them the opportunity to learn about our programs, student services and campus life. We typically welcome more than 3,000 guests to campus during Open House.




“As a prospective student, the open house helped me to understand public relations from a staff and a current student's perspective. I appreciated the amount of time that both the alumni and student spent answering my questions. I left the open house knowing I had chosen the right program.”

- Mackena Mooney, first year Public Relations student


Every year, we look for enthusiastic alumni to help serve as MRU ambassadors at Open House. Alumni are encouraged to talk to prospective students and their families, share your student experience and speak to how MRU helped to set you up for future success. If you are interested in volunteering for Open House in fall 2020, please click here!