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Why legacy gifts matter

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Planned giving is a solution to giving now

The Mount Royal experience transforms our students into the engaged citizens and community leaders of tomorrow. Our supporters' commitments are essential in sustaining Mount Royal's academic promise to our students — provide the best in teaching and learning so that our diverse students have the education, skills and mindset to be successful within their studies, their communities and throughout their lives.

There is no doubt we have all been impacted by the economic downturn. You can still continue your philanthropic contributions without immediate out-of-pocket expenses.

These contributions are a deeply personal testament and acknowledgement of what is important to you — your commitment to, and personal belief in, advancing education and making it accessible to all aspiring students. The people who benefit from your gift may never know you personally, but the profound impact of your gift will last in perpetuity.

Mount Royal needs supporters like you to help us uphold our commitment to expand our programming, provide more financial support through scholarships and bursaries, and create the exceptional undergraduate educational experience that we promise.


The benefits

Your contribution offers benefits for Mount Royal’s future generation of students and your estate. Creating a planned gift or bequest for Mount Royal entitles you to a charitable income receipt or estate tax deductions, enabling you to leave a lasting legacy at Mount Royal, all while still providing for yourself and your loved ones — costing you nothing during your lifetime.

In your will, there are only three possible beneficiaries:

By giving to a charity, your are impacting the community, expressing your values and contributing to areas in need that are close to your heart.
Your family and friends can be beneficiaries who can execute your wishes expressed in your will.
Depending on the size of your estate, a significant portion can be taxed and your ability to control where your assets are allocated is removed.

What your gift can look like

After taking care of your family and friends, you may choose to set up scholarships and bursaries, contribute to specialized facilities, including buildings, classrooms, labs and study spaces or simply areas of greatest need. Bequests can be made in a number of ways like cash, a gift in-kind such as a home or cottage, publicly traded securities or the remainder of your registered retirement fund. You can choose to gift either a specific amount or a percentage or fraction of your estate after all other legacies have been paid.

Charitable bequests, in the form of marketable securities in your estate, are one tax-efficient method of making a bequest because the capital gain realized on the securities is reduced to zero.

A bequest to a charity in your will can save taxes at a rate of up to 50 per cent, depending on your province, and can be used both in the year of death and carried back to the year immediately prior. Another tax-saving advantage to consider is that in the year of death and the preceding year, the annual donation limit is increased from 75 per cent to 100 per cent of net income.


Leaving a legacy and bequests to Mount Royal

Although the students who will benefit from your generosity may never know you personally — or you them — the profound impact you will make on their lives is both priceless and eternal. If you have already made a gift in your will, we invite you to share your intentions with us.

A legacy gift is an extraordinary and creative way for you to support future generations of students by leaving money or assets to Mount Royal as a bequest through your will or your estate.
Leaving a lasting gift is an expression of you — your values, your life’s successes and how you wish to be remembered.

A gift in your will is an acknowledgement of what is important to you. It is an opportunity to demonstrate your belief in a Mount Royal education while providing future generations with the means to secure an education.

Anyone can leave a gift in will or a bequest to Mount Royal, regardless of age or income. All you truly need is foresight and willingness to help others, and a belief in education. There are several ways you can leave your gift, including:

We strongly encourage you to speak with a financial advisor who can assist you in making the right decisions for you. That way, you can ensure that your bequest reflects your philanthropic wishes and includes Mount Royal University.

When you include Mount Royal in your will, we can help you to determine exactly what resonates with you and your own personal philanthropy. You can choose to leave your lasting legacy to bursaries or scholarships, or any other initiative or program which interests you.
You can inspire future generations of students at Mount Royal with a lasting legacy. Click here to read our brochure and learn more about how you can ensure receiving an exceptional undergraduate educational experience is always possible.

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To learn how you can make a difference in unlocking the potential in all of our students, please contact:

Laurie Wallis
Senior Development Officer
Mount Royal University


Please note: The information provided here is of a general nature and is not intended to constitute advice to any particular person. Please consult your financial and/or legal advisor before arranging a gift in your will. Mount Royal University will keep all requests for information confidential. A request for information does not obligate the requestor to make a planned gift to Mount Royal University.