Memorial Endowment Scholarships & Bursaries

Memorial endowment scholarships and bursaries

John H. Garden Memorial Park

Memorial endowment scholarships and bursaries are a meaningful way to honour loved ones and continue their legacy indefinitely. Mount Royal University currently has over 150 memorial endowment scholarships that are awarded to well-deserving students striving for academic excellence. Scholarships and bursaries provide students with the opportunity to pursue their education and achieve their goals while alleviating the financial stress of post-secondary. Finances are often a significant barrier to student success, and increased funding through scholarships and bursaries has been demonstrated to improve success rates and the timeliness of students completing their studies.

What is an endowment?

An endowment is a donation that is invested by the University in perpetuity. The annual income generated by the investment is used to fund a student award. The principal amount of endowments are invested, and the annual interest earned is distributed, in accordance with the University's investment policy. Memorial endowment awards are created by family and friends of the deceased, and they can choose to direct the gift to a specific program or area of interest in memory of a loved one. Those honoured through endowment memorial awards also have their name inscribed in Mount Royal's Dr. John H. Garden Memorial Park.

Creating an endowment

The minimum amount required to establish a named endowment award at Mount Royal is $30,000. Endowments may be created by a single gift, or a series of gifts, over a maximum of five years. The full minimum must be invested for one year before the inaugural scholarship or bursary is awarded. For more information about creating an endowment scholarship or bursary contact Mount Royal's Office of Development at 403.440.7700.


To contribute to an existing memorial endowment on an annual or one-time basis click here. To learn more about those who inspired our current memorial endowment scholarships visit the Memorial Endowment Wall.

Student awards give students a chance. A chance to fulfill a life ambition, a chance to build a career. a chance to develop the skills to become a future leader. Student awards are much more too, they are a vote of confidence in our students, they instill a senses of pride and encourage them to achieve excellence.

Dr. John H. Garden Memorial Park

Established in 1998, Dr. John H. Garden Memorial Park is dedicated to the memories of family and friends of loved ones who are remembered through memorial endowment awards for Mount Royal students. The Memorial Park was named in honour of Rev. Dr. John H. Garden (1889 - 1969). It is the focal point of remembrance on Mount Royal's campus. It is, as Dr. Garden would have wished, a place for people.

In Memoriam

In Memoriam, Mount Royal's annual ceremony held in August to commemorate new inductees. Donors and their family and friends, students and faculty gather to remember and celebrate the lives of the special individuals who inspired the most recent memorial endowment scholarships and bursaries. Together, the Memorial Park and In Memoriam honour the generous spirits whose concern for others inspired these endowments. The tranquil setting provides an area for quiet contemplation and an opportunity for reflecting on those who will forever make a difference in the lives of Mount Royal students.

Annual student awards

Another way to impact the lives of students is through annual student awards. Donors may create a named student award through a minimum yearly gift of $1,000, pledged for a minimum of five years, $1,200 for four years or $1,700 for three years. Alternatively, donors may make a one-time donation of $5,000 as a spend down for a maximum of five years.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, students receive much-needed financial support. Funding support not only gives students who are in need access to post-secondary education, it also allows us to attract the best and brightest minds.

Click here for more information about annual student awards.