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The Riddell Library and Learning Centre is home to Mount Royal University's library. Our outstanding library is the heart of Mount Royal University. It is here, where accessible education thrives and ingenuity drives innovation. It is here, where commitment and creativity intersect, enabling limitless opportunities. It is here, where students, alumni, faculty and staff and the community at large come together to discover, understand, create and share. It is home to a community of learners, researchers and creators of knowledge - and You Belong Here.  

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Your Impact. Helping students like Candace.Candace is a fourth year Bachelor of Science student who has a passion for connecting kids and her community to their environment and the science behind it. Candace will be graduating this year and has used both the new space in the Riddell Library and Learning Centre and the old library in her time at MRU. This is her story.


I love the new library at MRU, and at the same time I miss the old library.  At first, I was confused by my contradictory feelings about the new and old library. I had never previously felt any feeling of attachment for the old library, and I certainly was excited for the new library to open the doors this fall.  I spend a lot of time in the library.  I have slept in the library after staying up all night finishing a paper.  I have cried a few tears in the library after failing an especially hard physics test.  I cried more tears in the library as I grieved the loss of my dad last year.  I made more friends than I ever expected in the library.  I often bring my daughter to the library on the weekends, and my favourite memories in the old library are of her developing a love for the library.  The growth I experienced in the library and the learning that took place has shaped the citizen I will become.  Of all the lessons I have learned over last  four years, the most important to me is that I want more than a job when I graduate university.  I want to use my education to make a difference and be a active global and local citizen. 

I believe that the library is the heart of Mount Royal University.  The Riddell Library and Learning Centre is shaping future generations of MRU graduates.  I have no doubt that current and future generations of students will change the world.  The Riddell Library and Learning Centre will be the place where new ideas, inventions, and theories are born.  I have had the opportunity as a student to watch Mount Royal College grow into a University.  My hope for the future is that Mount Royal will continue to grow into an institute that can support more research endeavours.  The move to a new and improved library was essential to support the demands of expanding program options and adding more opportunities for students to engage in a meaningful education.  The library is so much more than just a home for books, and students and faculty alike are grateful to have such an amazing new library to work in.  The time I spend in the Riddell Library and Learning Centre is what I will miss the most when I graduate from Mount Royal University, and I am so excited for the future generations that will benefit from the library.

Candace Ferguson
Bachelor of Science
Fourth Year Student

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