Our brand — frequently asked questions

1. Does Mount Royal really need to market itself?

In the message-drenched world in which we live, the answer is a resounding “yes.” With a strong brand, we can effectively communicate who we are and what we do best to engage our campus community and other stakeholders.

2. What are we trying to communicate through our brand?

It’s crucial we communicate that we aren’t just like all the post-secondary institutions. Our brand concept — Face to Face — captures what makes us distinctive: The personal, approachable, responsive, authentic way in which we educate and interact with those we serve, and those we work with, on a daily basis.

3. Do I have to use the key messages of Face to Face?

Yes, we need to use consistent messaging. The Face to Face concept grew out of an extensive, comprehensive brand identity initiative. In a concise phrase, it conveys our powerful brand promise and the four strong brand pillars that support it. Through consistent use, the Mount Royal message will be understood by our key stakeholders.

4. Isn't a brand the same as a logo?

No. A logo can be an important part of a brand, but so is marketing, communications —and perhaps most important of all — the actions of those who represent the brand.

5. Can I use my own font?

No. Graphics guidelines have been established for font and colour palette and adhering to them will achieve a consistent look and feel that conveys our brand.

6. What’s the goal of this branding initiative and how will we achieve it?

By delivering a repetitive and consistent message, we will achieve our objective to:

  • Meet enrolment goals by influencing students to view Mount Royal as a top-choice institution
  • Be relevant to our target stakeholders, those who matter the most to us
  • Boost giving by inspiring donors to support Mount Royal in greater numbers and in larger ways

7. Isn't brand building and brand management the job of departments like Marketing and Communications, the Foundation and Admissions and Recruitment?

To establish and strengthen our brand, it will truly take all of us. We each have the opportunity to not just live the brand — which we do daily — but to be enthusiastic spokespeople, compellingly and consistently sharing the Mount Royal story. For our brand to be believable, all of us must understand and express it.