Building our future

How can each of us help ensure a bright future for our society by focusing on the well-being of our children?

Mount Royal is hosting a symposium to figure that out.

happy children

The fifth and final instalment of the Mount Royal University centennial Legacy of Ideas series looks to our future with the International Children's Well-Being Symposium, Oct. 26 and Oct. 27, 2011.

Hosted in partnership with With the Brain in Mind and the Norlein Foundation this two-day symposium will feature experts from around the world, and the Centre for Child Well-Being at Mount Royal University. Speakers will discuss proactive solutions for our children -and our world's - future.

They walk the talk

We asked our International Children's Well-Being Symposium what they think can ensure a bright and healthy future for children around the world?

Here's what some of them had to say:

Craig Kielburger

"In order to thrive children need proper education, and recognition of their human rights.Most importantly, they need the love and respect of the adults and communities around them."

- Craig Kielburger


"Fostering joy and resilience in our children requires providing them with a psychologically healthy and emotionally nurturing environment in which their innate capacities and potentials can find full expression."

- Dr. Gabor Mate

Lynell Anderson

"To ensure a bright and healthy future for children around the world, first we need to understand the social and economic context for families with young children today.

Then, we need to adapt our public priorities to ensure that families have the time, the resources and the community services they need to thrive.

- Lynell Anderson


"We need societies that honour their young and provide the essentials of a level playing field where all children may grow and thrive."

- Raffi Cavoukian

Samantha Nutt

"Children all around the world need to be able to sleep, without fear of abduction; to walk,without fear of rape; and to play without fear of enslavement.

By investing in communities, by working to end war, and by promoting children's healthy development even in the most challenging environments we help make such dreams possible."

- Dr. Samantha Nutt

Prof. Dawne Clarke

"My dream is that all children are loved and wanted, that all families feel supported within their communities, and that those who choose to work with children are valued."

- Prof. Dawne Clarke

Damned Nations

Dr. Samantha Nutt's riveting new book, "Damned Nations," will be released on October 25, the week of the International Children's Well-being Symposium, through McClelland & Stewart Ltd.

Dr. Nutt will be doing a book signing at the event.

Books written by Symposium speakers are available in the Mount Royal BookStore.
To purchase Legacy of Ideas tickets visit: centennial online.

A legacy of ideas

When Mount Royal University was incorporated as a college 100 years ago, it was shaped by the innovative, inclusive and inspiring ideas of our founding principal, the Rev. Dr. George Kerby.

In the century since then, Mount Royal has continued to nurture ideas - fresh ideas, smart ideas, provocative ideas.

As part of the University's centennial celebrations, Mount Royal has hosted Legacy of Ideas, a series featuring renowned thinkers with big ideas. Each inspirational speaker engages audiences in open dialogue, debate and introspection. Past guests have included world-renowned Malcolm Gladwell, Chris Anderson, Maude Barlow, and graffiti artist, Cey Adams.

- Lara Unsworth