AFFECTUS: An Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy and Theory


AFFECTUS: An Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy and Theory emerged out of an inter-institutional seminar led by Mount Royal University students during the summer of 2013. The journal will be published online biannually, that is, once in January and once in September. Currently, 17 undergraduate students are involved with the journal. Our inaugural issue will be published in January 2014. AFFECTUS, moreover, is one of the only undergraduate journals dedicated to both philosophy and theory, so the journal is unique because it is able to work across many disciplines in the Arts such as Philosophy, English, Women's Studies, Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, and Religious Studies. We hope that AFFECTUS becomes a central venue for undergraduate students, who are interested in philosophy and theory from all over the world, to send their work, while also establishing a strong community of undergraduates studying Philosophy and theory at Mount Royal University. One of the opportunities that AFFECTUS facilitates is a place for students at Mount Royal University to be a part of a larger philosophical community, as students from University of Calgary, Alberta College of Art and Design, and Athabasca University are also involved in AFFECTUS, which opens up a space for undergraduates to form new friendships and build inter-institutional relations.

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