June 2017
Andre Wickenheiser, a trumpet player in the Calgary Creative Arts Ensemble, is getting ready to play popular Canadian tunes by artists like Joni Mitchell for the nation’s 150th anniversary celebration at Olympic Plaza before settling down to plan his fall classes
Sharing of art, education and entertainment aim to mitigate cultural tensions
To help create a more inclusive and respectful campus, Mount Royal University students can now update their preferred first name for use in many of the campus’ systems and services
Kevin Donovan of the Toronto Star passes on tricks of the trade to students
Mount Royal University’s aviation training program is soaring to new heights, thanks to a first-of-its-kind agreement with WestJet
Mount Royal Computer Information Systems student named a “software star”
Mount Royal ranked fifth out of 67 post-secondary institutions
Mount Royal University is joining forces with post-secondary institutions across Canada to take a comprehensive look at the issue of excessive drinking on campuses

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