How Physical Literacy is changing the world!

November 13th
Jenkins Theater
12:30-1:50 pm

Presentation by - Dr. Dean Kriellaars, Mount Royal University


Internationally renowned speaker and academic Dr. Kriellaars will present how physical literacy is the gateway to active participation.

This session will discuss the latest advances in the field of physical literacy (PL) including tools and research projects. The role of PL in sport, recreation, health and education sectors will be discussed. Dr. Kriellaars is a faculty member of the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Manitoba. He is a also an Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery, as well as the Department of Anatomy and Cell Science, and the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management. His Human Performance Laboratory has numerous students and staff directed to undertaking research on exercise, physical activity, physical literacy and obesity.

Dr. Kriellaars has been awarded two major university teaching awards, as well as national and international awards for scientific research and innovation.