Policy Studies Students' Society Hosts Debate Between Danielle Smith and Brian Mason

Political Studies

On October 17th, the Policy Studies Students' Society hosted Danielle Smith, Leader of the Wildrose Official Opposition, and Brian Mason, Leader of the NDP. The pair visited the Wyckham Bowl at Mount Royal University, and drew a crowd of nearly 200 people. The audience consisted of students, faculty, and the public.

The purpose of this event was to allow the two leaders the opportunity to articulate their respective visions for the province of Alberta in a debate format. The debate allowed for meaningful discussion regarding a wide range of topics.

The first section of the debate consisted of four questions prepared by the Policy Studies Students' Society. These questions covered topics including provincial revenue and expenses, expanding markets, post-secondary education, and the funding of public services.

The remainder of the debate consisted of questions from the audience. These covered topics such as the electricity market, provincial tax rates, and health care delivery.

This was an incredible opportunity for the Policy Studies Students' Society to engage with the two leaders and to promote youth involvement in the political process. The debate also allowed students, faculty, and the general public to better understand alternate visions for the province of Alberta.

By Jessica Mitchell, President of the Policy Studies Students' Society