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Wagner Filippi De Sousa Rocha


Beginning with a whirlwind
With an intention to explore the world and study in another country, Wagner immediately applied for the "Science without Borders" program when he knew his program was eligible.

"It's a very famous program in Brazil, but at first I thought it was only for Engineering students. I was really excited when I heard that the students studying Creative Industry were eligible."

Despite his enthusiasm, Wagner did not hear back from the Science without Borders program and thought he hadn't been successful until two weeks before the final deadline.

"Someone called from CBIE asking why I hadn't responded to their email, but I hadn't received any email. I had to pick a university and fill out all of the paper work in ten days."

With limited time, Rocha quickly asked fellow scholars where to go and began searching on the Internet.

"I was attracted to Mount Royal's name so I went to the website and the first thing that caught my attention was the small classes that sb_Wagner_laundryMount Royal offers."

Coming from a very big university in Brazil, Rocha thought that choosing a smaller university would allow him to immerse and excel in his studies. "I was really happy that I chose Mount Royal University. It really is a small city. There is security, residences and all that a city has is here."

It's a small world
With everything nearby, Wagner immediately felt at home on his first day on Campus. In fact, his welcome was augmented when he coincidentally ran into a fellow student from his university in Brazil.

"It was really surprising. I saw him and said, 'Hey what are you doing here?'. It turns out he is an exchange student at MRU."

Connecting with his fellow classmate and Science without Borders student, Cínthia Pissetti, immediately Rocha transitioned into Canadian culture quickly.

"Cinthia helped me a lot. She is from my country and had specific advice and helped."

In addition to his friends, the services and English Language Program at Mount Royal have helped him immensely.

"It is a very intense program. There are so many contents and some of them are very hard, but I am learning a lot."

This intense experience has pushed Wagner, which will help him in the fall when he begins his credit courses in communications and marketing.

In the spring, Rocha will complete an internship, hoping to work in public relations, marketing or event management. As a Red Bull employee in Brazil, Rocha hopes that he can pursue a potential internship here in Calgary with the same company.

- Andrea Morrow, February 2013