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Distinguished Faculty and Research Recognition Award winners announced

In total, 11 of Mount Royal’s faculty are being celebrated this year.

With a strong commitment to teaching and learning, Mount Royal University’s Distinguished Faculty Awards and Research Recognition Awards represent excellence across the full breadth of academic activity.

The Distinguished Faculty Awards recognize Mount Royal teachers who are breaking ground in the classroom as well as in service and scholarly activity. These professors are finding ways to present course content that engages and inspires students to not only understand what they are learning, but to see how it can be applied to their future careers and in everyday life. What they receive becomes an intrinsic part of their overall body of knowledge that will continue to have an impact for many years to come.

The Research Recognition Awards are designed to salute those who have made a significant contribution to the foundation of inquiry of their academic and professional fields. The work they are producing is mobilizing the knowledge base of their chosen research area, and is being disseminated to make an impact outside of the academic world to help advance and improve communities, bettering countless lives.

In total, 11 of Mount Royal’s faculty are being celebrated this year. The nomination process is transparent, and what makes the recognition additionally special is that the submissions are generated by the recipients’ peers and students, says vice-provost and associate vice-president, Academic, Mike Quinn, PhD.

“The awards celebrate the outstanding contributions of MRU faculty from those who best know the work of the nominees,” Quinn says.

Distinguished Faculty Award recipients

The Distinguished Faculty Awards go to full-time credit and contract credit faculty members and are a way to thank them for their exemplary contributions to the Mount Royal experience.

“Excellence in providing high-impact undergraduate experiences is a hallmark of the MRU environment. All the nominees go above and beyond to provide the best possible learning environment for their students. Letters of support from their students abound with adjectives such as ‘life changing,’ ‘caring’ and ‘profound,’ ” Quinn says.

Background information and a look at each of these professors’ philosophies in their approach to teaching as well as how they continue to stay inspired so they can do the same for others can be found on the Distinguished Faculty Awards page.

The 2020 recipients are:

  • Mohamed El Hussein, PhD ― School of Nursing and Midwifery
  • Michelle Yeo, PhD ― Academic Development Centre
  • Maki Motapanyane, PhD ― Department of Humanities
  • Ritesh Narayan ― Department of Economics, Justice and Policy Studies
  • Shelley Ann Rathie ― Department of General Management and Human Resources

Research Recognition Award recipients

The Research Recognition Awards go to MRU scholars at all career stages and from all disciplines, and support and enhance the robust and continuously growing research culture at MRU.

“Research and teaching are inextricably linked in the MRU undergraduate experience. Scholarly activities deepen and broaden the capacity of students to meaningfully address societal challenges. These awardees exemplify innovation and changemaking through their research pursuits,” Quinn says.

These award winners are all listed on the Research Recognition Award page, with a look at each one’s work in addressing societal, environmental and health issues. Numerous students have had the opportunity to be involved in these important research endeavours, providing them with practical tools to carry forward in their academic careers.

The 2020 recipients are:

  • Lynne Lafave, PhD ― Community Engagement Award
  • Gabrielle Lindstrom, PhD ― Emerging Scholar Award
  • John Mee, PhD ― Emerging Scholar Award
  • Lynn Moorman, PhD ― Knowledge Mobilization Award
  • Christy Tomkins-Lane, PhD ―Research and Scholarship Excellence Award
  • Ashok Krishnamurthy, PhD ― Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Supervision Award

Read more about the 2020 Distinguished Faculty Award and Research Recognition Award winners and discover why they truly represent the Mount Royal culture of a concentration on teaching and learning and the provision of an exceptional undergraduate educational experience.

July 6, 2020 ― Michelle Bodnar

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