Mount Royal University's Strategic Plan to 2025

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Mount Royal University: an exceptional undergraduate educational experience


Since 1910, Mount Royal has built a reputation on a strong, liberal education foundation with an undergraduate focus. More than a century later, we remain responsive to the needs of our community through our enduring commitment to this legacy.

We are a community of engaged citizens, providing personalized, experiential and outcome-based learning in an environment of inclusion, diversity and respect. Through our focus on teaching and learning informed by scholarship, we are preparing our graduates for success in their careers and lives.


Engaging our students for current and future success

“Our strategic plan tells the story of who we are and where we are going. It reminds us of what we do; but far more critically, it speaks to why we do it. It identifies our unique contributions to post-secondary education and our community. Learning Together, Leading Together reminds us and others that Mount Royal places students first.”

David Docherty, PhD, Mount Royal University President



2013/2014 2024/2025

$44.4 million

$80 million



Enhance and promote our unique approach to personalized learning

Strategy 1.1:

We will ensure a personalized learning experience for our students and promote it internally and externally in order to identify this as a distinguishing feature of a Mount Royal University educational experience.

Measure of Success

  • Students consistently rate Mount Royal as a leader in providing a personalized learning experience, when surveyed through the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), the Canadian University Survey Consortium (CUSC) and our own Student Assessment Seminar.

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2013/2014 2024/2025


11 15


23 60



Create an environment in which students are engaged and have a sense of belonging

Strategy 2.1:

We will create high impact experiences in and out of the classroom.

Measures of Success

  • Our students report strong access to and interactions with faculty at greater than the national average.
  • Our students rate the quality of our campus environment at greater than the national average.
  • Our alumni describe the supportive environment of their Mount Royal experience as a key factor in their success, both as students and as they enter the working world.

together 17








ALTERNATIVE ENTRANCE (University Entrance)





Provide our students with an opportunity to become deeply engaged in their educational experience, preparing them for personal and career success

Strategy 3.1:

We will expose students to a liberal education and a broad interdisciplinary approach to critical thinking and problem solving.

Measures of Success

  • Our degree graduates demonstrate literacy in the sciences, mathematics, humanities, social sciences, business and communications.
  • Our degree graduates report they have strong critical thinking and problem solving skills at or above the national average.
  • Because of the value of liberal education in developing employability skills, employers report high satisfaction with Mount Royal graduates as expressed through employer satisfaction surveys.

Strategy 3.2:

Every student will participate in at least one high impact or capstone work integrated learning experience during his or her time at Mount Royal.

Measure of Success

  • We are nationally recognized as a leader in work integrated learning, including, but not limited to co-ops, internships, service learning opportunities, practica, field studies or work experience placements.

Strategy 3.3:

Every student will have the opportunity to enrich their academic experience through participation in research projects during his or her time at Mount Royal.

Measures of Success

  • Every program includes the opportunity for students to participate in at least one senior level research or capstone project through individual or group work, or directly engaged with faculty.
  • Our graduates have recognized experience in conducting research and have gained transferable analytical skills in the research process.
  • Graduate schools recognize the quality of our undergraduate student research experiences, with Mount Royal placing within the top 10 per cent of Canadian universities in graduate school acceptance rates.
  • Employers recognize the quality of Mount Royal’s undergraduate student research program, as expressed through employer satisfaction surveys.

Strategy 3.4:

We will engage and challenge our students and create empowered learners.

Measure of Success

  • Our students participate in collaborative learning, peer to peer and mentorship programs at a rate above the national average.

together 31



2013/2014 2024/2025

8,085 13,000


69.3% 65.0%


20.3% 20.0%

ALBERTA (outside Calgary)

7.9% 10.0%


2.5% 5.0%




Provide our students with greater program and course availability and more varied course delivery platforms

Strategy 4.1:

We will grow to meet the demands of Alberta learners.

Measures of Success

  • We have student spaces and funding to accommodate 13,000 credit FLE learners.
  • We offer at least 15 degree programs and 60 majors.
  • We are recognized as a provincial leader in terms of intake of transfer students for degree completion at Mount Royal.
  • We have successfully launched at least six new post-baccalaureate certificates and diplomas that provide timely new professional development.

Strategy 4.2:

We will provide a greater number of students with access to Mount Royal degree programs in areas of the province currently without access to university-level programming.

Measures of Success

  • A minimum of five colleges in Alberta offer collaborative Mount Royal degrees.
  • A minimum of 10 Mount Royal degree programs are offered at Alberta colleges.

Strategy 4.3:

We will remove existing barriers to timely degree completion.

Measures of Success

  • All students who intend to complete their undergraduate education in a timely manner will complete their degrees within five years.
  • We place within the top 10 per cent among Canadian universities for timely undergraduate degree completion.

Strategy 4.4:

We will provide students with alternative entrance options.

Measures of Success

  • We are recognized as a provincial leader in alternative degree completion opportunities for mid-career adults.
  • We have doubled the number of alternative entrance students continuing into degree programs.

together 19



2013/2014 2024/2025

$25.4 million

$50 million


2013/2014 2024/2025

1.6% 5.0%



Become a leader in student success through the provision of services and financial support

Strategy 5.1:

We will reduce barriers to academic success by improving access to and awareness of quality student services.

Measures of Success

  • Students report satisfaction with the availability of quality student services at greater than the national average.
  • Students report health and wellness at greater than the provincial and national average.
  • Across all programs, we place within the top 10 per cent among Canadian universities in student retention rates.
  • Across all programs, we place within the top 10 per cent among Canadian universities in student graduation rates.

Strategy 5.2:

We will develop financial support for students, to assist in alleviating the stress that can negatively impact our students’ ability to succeed in their studies.

Measures of Success

  • The value of available student bursaries, scholarships and awards equals 5 per cent of Mount Royal’s annual operating budget.
  • The availability of part-time student employment on campus is at or above the national average.
  • More than 50 per cent of students access financial management services or participate in financial literacy programs at some point during their studies.
  • Across all programs, we place within the top 10 per cent among Canadian universities in student retention rates.
  • Across all programs, we place within the top 10 per cent among Canadian universities in student graduation rates.

Uniting faculty, staff and management in creating a thriving learning environment



Foster a working environment that supports the success of our faculty, staff and management within a positive climate of respect, transparency and inclusiveness.

Strategy 6.1:

We will provide services that support a healthy and productive work environment.

Measures of Success

  • We have increased participation by faculty, staff and management in continuous learning and professional development.
  • We have enhanced our recruitment, on-boarding and continual development strategies to ensure alignment between employee and University needs.
  • Positive response by our faculty, staff, and management in all categories on employee engagement and satisfaction surveys.

Strategy 6.2:

We will foster a safe and positive working environment which is respectful and inclusive.

Measures of Success

  • Evidence of high employee satisfaction on ranking of respectful learning and work environment.
  • Evidence of employee wellness as measured through the employee wellness survey.
  • Evidence of broad cultural, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation, abilities, gender and age diversity among our staff, faculty and management complement.

Strategy 6.3:

We will foster an environment that promotes trust through transparency in decision making.

Measures of Success

  • As evidenced through employee surveys, our faculty and staff are satisfied that openness and transparency are practiced in all decision making across the University.
  • As evidenced through employee surveys, our faculty and staff are satisfied that internal communications are timely and adequate during budget development and other peak times when broad and critical decisions are being considered.

Strategy 6.4:

We will foster career development among our faculty, staff and management.

Measures of Success

  • As evidenced through employee surveys, we consistently achieve high rates of employee satisfaction across our faculty, staff and management groups.
  • We have developed a flexible and innovative human resources strategy which includes goals dedicated to employee recruitment, retention and succession planning.

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Support faculty, staff and management to become leaders in the exploration and adoption of innovative approaches to teaching, scholarship, research, business practices and other initiatives related to the success of our students

Strategy 7.1:

We will be leaders in innovation and excellence in teaching and pedagogy.

Measures of Success

  • Our individual faculty members are recognized at the national and international level for teaching innovation and excellence.
  • Mount Royal is recognized at the national and international level for teaching innovation and excellence.

Strategy 7.2:

We will support the scholarship, research and community engagement of our faculty.

Measures of Success

  • Dissemination of individual research findings and scholarship outcomes increase by 20 per cent across all faculties.
  • Tri-council research applications which include student research engagement opportunities are increased, with a resulting increase in approved funding.
  • Scholarship and research funding from foundations and alternate sources is increased.
  • Industry and community organizations acknowledge Mount Royal faculty expertise in an increased number of collaborative projects.

Strategy 7.3:

We will encourage and invest in innovation by staff, faculty and management.

Measures of Success

  • We have a formal program to invest in and/or seed innovation on campus.
  • Our staff and management are recognized by related professional organizations for innovation and excellence.

Engaging our broader communities in collaborative learning and scholarship


2013/2014 2024/2025

2 5+

Number of colleges offering collaborative MRU degrees

3 10+

Number of MRU degree programs offered at Alberta colleges




Number of MRU mobility students at Canadian institutions and number of domestic mobility students at MRU


Number of MRU mobility students at international institutions and number of international mobility students at MRU




Develop new partnerships with community organizations, the private and not-for-profit sectors and post-secondary institutions across Canada while enhancing and expanding on the strength of existing collaborations

Strategy 8.1:

We will support and encourage collaborations with post-secondary institutions across Canada in the generation of new and innovative instructional approaches, in the pursuit of scholarship and research and in the sharing of best practices among staff and management.

Measures of Success

  • We have enhanced the existing post-secondary institutional collaborations to benefit teaching, learning, scholarship and business practices.
  • We have implemented a sophisticated and interactive network to share best practices and innovative teaching, learning, scholarship and business processes across Mount Royal and among peer post-secondary institutions.

Strategy 8.2:

We will actively develop new teaching, learning and research partnerships with community organizations and the private and not-for-profit sectors, and we will nurture and expand our existing partnerships.

Measures of Success

  • We have realized a 25 per cent increase in new formal and informal partnerships with community organizations and the private and not-for-profit sectors dedicated to enhancing teaching, learning and research at Mount Royal.
  • Our partnerships with community organizations and the private and not-for-profit sectors are broadly viewed as models of university/community collaboration and are the subject of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) publications.

Strategy 8.3:

We will fundraise with intention, actively developing new private sector relationships to generate additional sources of revenue for current and emerging areas of priority.

Measures of Success

  • Bursaries, scholarships and awards available to our students represent an amount equal to 5 per cent of our annual operating budget.
  • Endowment funds provide sufficient operating revenue for The Institute for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and other programs that directly support our vision.
  • We have increased our number of alumni donors by 300 per cent.
  • We sustain our numbers of alumni donors year over year.

Strategy 8.4:

We will actively build affinity with our alumni, to strengthen their connection to Mount Royal and create ambassadors throughout the community and around the world.

Measures of Success

  • We have increased awareness and grow by 60 per cent the number of active alumni contacts.
  • We have doubled the involvement of alumni in chapter activities and programs such as the Harry G. Schaefer Mentorship program.
  • We have maximized the number of alumni engaged in leadership roles on Program Advisory Committees, the Board of Governors, the Board of Directors (Senate) and Alumni Chapters.
  • We have successfully launched at least a half dozen new post-baccalaureate certificates and diplomas that both refresh and update Mount Royal degrees and other credentials and provide timely new professional development for our alumni.

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2013/2014 2024/2025

3.7% 7.0%

ABORIGINAL (self-declared)

2.5% 5.0%




Engage our broader community in thoughtful outreach initiatives, to provide access to educational opportunities available at Mount Royal which, in turn enhance the experiences of all of our students by providing exposure to diversity in both culture and thought

Strategy 9.1:

We will enhance our partnerships with aboriginal communities, thereby fostering an engagement with current and potential aboriginal students, enabling greater success in our dedicated recruitment initiatives and specialized retention strategies.

Measures of Success

  • We have increased representation of aboriginal students equal to 7 per cent of our overall student population.
  • We have increased retention and graduation rates of aboriginal students.
  • Faculty, staff and management demonstrate strong awareness and understanding of aboriginal culture and issues.
  • 100 per cent of degree programs across the University include aboriginal content and perspective.
  • There is an increased presence of aboriginal faculty and staff across the University.

Strategy 9.2:

We will create and expand our diverse and unique programs, which are a defining characteristic for Mount Royal, differentiating us among other post-secondary institutions.

Measures of Success

  • Our Continuing Education Faculty is positioned as a provincial leader in the development of new and unique lifelong learning opportunities.
  • Our Continuing Education Faculty collaborates with academic faculties to offer unique programming, including the provision of at least two to three new degree completion opportunities for mid-career professionals.

Strategy 9.3:

We will continue to strategically support the work of our community focused programs by developing new and innovative programs and services for the broader community.

Measure of Success

  • We have increased external community participation and engagement across all of our community focused programs.

Strategy 9.4:

We will create partnerships with universities across Canada to facilitate student and faculty exchanges between institutions.

Measures of Success

  • We are recognized as a national leader in program-to-program student exchanges with other Canadian universities.
  • We are an active participant in at least four to six new multi-institutional student and faculty mobility programs, in addition to the two bilateral agreements currently in place.
  • Upwards of 1,000 Mount Royal students participate in these domestic mobility programs, and an equal number of students from other institutions study at Mount Royal.

Strategy 9.5:

We will increase our international focus through the development and delivery of programs related to student mobility and faculty exchanges, and through the provision of specialized student supports dedicated to our international student population.

Measures of Success

  • We have increased representation of international students studying at Mount Royal equal to 5 per cent of our overall student population.
  • At least 5 per cent of our students study abroad for at least one semester.
  • At least 5 per cent of our students participate in international field schools.

Strategy 9.6:

We will encourage, support and recognize the community service commitment of our students, faculty, staff and management.

Measure of Success

  • We have increased community involvement with more than half of Mount Royal’s students, faculty, staff and management making a personal and dedicated commitment to active citizenship.

image 21

GOAL 10:


Promote growth of economic, environmental and social sustainability throughout our campus and become leaders within our community through thoughtful planning and deliberate action

Strategy 10.1:

We will create an environment of economic sustainability by ensuring that the Government of Alberta considers post-secondary education a priority, and there is a commitment to provide stable and equitable operating funds and flexible Tuition Fee Regulation.

Measures of Success

  • Tuition at Mount Royal is based on a standardized fee for all courses and is competitive within the province of Alberta.
  • The historical inequity in the base operating grant has been restored and our annual operating grant is equitable to other universities in Alberta.
  • The government has revised the Tuition Fee Regulation to provide us with flexibility to apply appropriate tuition and course-based instructional fees to balance tuition and operating grants with the cost of program delivery.

Strategy 10.2:

We will secure our economic sustainability by developing comprehensive implementation plans, including management of current assets and resources and planning for future resource development with diversified revenue sources. The implementation plans will also include enhanced internal controls to ensure responsible management of resources to capitalize on returns on investment.

Measures of Success

  • We have a financial plan that is designed to achieve both our current and long-term strategic goals.
  • We present a balanced budget to the Board of Governors, without the need to draw on reserve funds to cover the cost of program delivery.

Strategy 10.3:

We will actively promote and support environmental sustainability by implementing the key recommendations from the President’s Task Force on Campus Sustainability.

Measure of Success

  • Environmental considerations are incorporated into day-to-day activities and long term planning.

Strategy 10.4:

We will foster social sustainability by developing a Social Sustainability Plan that identifies, addresses and removes barriers to access, to ensure full and meaningful participation in our learning, living and working community.

Measures of Success

  • We have implemented improved policies aimed at lowering systematic barriers and increasing universal access.
  • We have adopted practices and behaviours which promote and provide a safe and inclusive environment.