Internationalization - the global citizen

Students of Mount Royal aren't just citizens of our local community, but of the globe. Mount Royal's internationalization initiatives aim to foster cross-cultural learning and deepen students' appreciation of international issues and cultural diversity. Mount Royal has long been a leader in international education in Canada, with more than 80 active international partnerships in 27 countries around the world. As noted in the university strategic plan, Mount Royal intends to further increase its international teaching, learning and research activity in the years to come.

In partnership with the Office of International Education, the Vice-Provost and AVP, Academic oversees internationalization of the curriculum at Mount Royal including international field schools, study abroad opportunities (incoming and outgoing), and student and faculty exchanges. As well, a collaboration with members of the International Operations Group, the Vice-Provost coordinates implementation of the university's Internationalization Plan, which was approved by MRU in 2017.

"We welcome diversity as it enriches our experience and learning about other cultures makes us realize that regardless of race or views, we are united as a nation that values freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression as laid out in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms."

President David Docherty
Convocation speech, spring 2015