Quality Assurance & Program Reviews

How does Mount Royal University enhance student success by ensuring that students receive the highest quality academic programming?


Mount Royal University is committed to providing the highest quality education and to enhancing student success.  As such, MRU programs are designed to meet national, provincial, professional and institutional standards.    Our 
Academic Program Quality Assurance Policy (540)  describes how we ensure that MRU programs are of the highest quality.

As part of our rigorous quality assurance process, MRU conducts a cyclical program review of each MRU academic program at least once every seven years.  A Mount Royal program review includes consultation with students, alumni and employers, a critical self-study, an external review by independent academic experts, and development of an action plan to improve and advance the program going forward.   Our 
Cyclical Review of Academic Programs Policy (541)   provides further details regarding MRU program review principles and procedures. 


The Provost and Vice President, Academic is responsible for overseeing academic quality assurance at MRU.


Any queries can be directed to :

Rik Smistad
Program Review Coordinator
T.  403.440.5689