President's Task Force on Student Mental Health

Student Mental Health at MRU

A message from the President

Mount Royal University is an institution that cares about the success and the health of our students, and we offer a wide range of student support services .

Depression Screening Day event - President David Docherty sitting with students around a campfire....popping bubble wrap to create the "snap and crackle" sound of a fire.

But because universities across Canada are experiencing growing numbers of students coming forward with mental health issues, I created the President's Task Force on Student Mental Health in February 2012.

I charged the Task Force with helping Mount Royal develop a comprehensive understanding of student mental health across campus, and to develop institutional priorities around student mental health.

Chaired by Mount Royal's Director of Wellness Services, Kandi McElary, the Task Force brought together students, faculty, staff and management with the common goal of de-stigmatizing mental illness and creating a supportive, inclusive environment for students.
Over 18 months, the campus community contributed to the work of the Task Force through action groups, webinars, focus groups, presentations, community consultations, surveys and training.

In June 2013, the Task Force presented me with its final report, which offers 41 recommendations for the next three years.

These recommendations are helping Mount Royal prioritize ways to improve student mental health and decrease stigma. A newly-formed Student Mental Health Implementation Task Force is working to create a systemic approach based on the recommendations that will guide University departments and employees in addressing this important issue.

The Implementation Task Force will also develop strategies for improving and enhancing student mental health at Mount Royal with the support of the entire campus community.

I wish to recognize and thank the President's Task Force on Student Mental Health for its outstanding work, and I invite you to read its full report .

I also invite you to check back on this page for updates as recommendations are implemented, and to explore Mount Royal's website for information on mental health resources and ideas for positive strategies to maintain good mental health.

David C. Docherty
President, Mount Royal University