President's Task Force on Sustainability

President's Task Force on Sustainability


President's Task Force on Sustainability

A Message from the President

Since coming to Mount Royal University in 2011, I have met and spoken with many students, faculty members and staff who are committed to making the University more environmentally sustainable.

Many excellent initiatives are already underway on campus, and many people are working diligently to reduce Mount Royal's environmental footprint.

In order to prioritize and organize environmental sustainability efforts across the University, I created a President's Task Force on Sustainability and directed it to:

  • identify all sustainability initiatives currently in place on campus
  • identify gaps and areas for improvement
  • research environmental sustainability models at other universities
  • engage students, faculty and staff in a conversation about making Mount Royal more environmentally sustainable.

The Task Force presented its final report in December, 2013 and I am now studying its recommendations on moving environmental sustainability forward at Mount Royal in a coordinated, efficient and cost-effective way.