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Sustainable MRU Committee

The Sustainable MRU Committee is made of up students, staff, and faculty from various Mount Royal departments.  Sponsored, by Facilities Management, the team works together to set initiatives deliver positive environmental sustainable change on campus and in our community.

Vision: Our vision is to be an environmentally and socially responsible university.

Mission: Our mission is to promote sustainable practices to the university community and address environmental concerns on our campus. This is done by facilitating an information exchange process that invites broad involvement and encouraging an integrated approach to managing campus resources.

In 2016 the committee charter was updated and can be found here.

Archived Events:

 Green Event Header


Green Event Champions

Alberta Ecotrust 2018 Environmental Gathering: Create The Future - March 9, 2018
This event is a 2-day gathering of the environmental community of Alberta.  There is a need for a fundamental shift in the way Alberta’s citizens and organizations think about environmental issues and solutions. Rather than simply fight against what we as a society don’t want, we have to design and build what we collectively do want – a just, prosperous and sustainable future. An Alberta that celebrates the critical value of healthy communities and ecosystems, social and technical innovation, and includes all people, organizations and governments embracing truly sustainable practices for decades to come! Has Alberta reached a tipping point on climate change and its impact on water and land use? We think so. At previous Gatherings, we focused on changing the climate of how Albertans work together on the environment, and breaking through barriers that hold us back. This year, there will be less traditional speaking spaces (such as panels), and more time spent on idea cultivation, effective collaboration, and re-imagination.
Notable achievements: The organizers opted for a fully vegetarian menu, including Thursday reception (offsite) and two full days of programming (Friday & Saturday breakfast and lunch, and Friday offsite dinner). This is because a plant-based diet has a decreased carbon footprint. They also planted a tree for every delegate that is attending - this is their delegate gift, rather than a swag bag. Friday night activities (instead of a banquet) include a trip out to the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation area to learn about their Dark Sky Initiative.
Administrative Services Event - June 24, 2016.   Organized by Janice Jones, Karen Meadows, Jessica Muraca, Priscilla Rajan, Adele Smith, Tannis Terry, and Sally Yip.  Notable achievements: The organizers used Dana Catering for locally sourced lunch, reused 200+ name tags and 20 table cards, and used folded aprons as centerpieces and promotional items!
You can be the next Green Event Champion!

The Green Events Initiative is a means to recognize those members and groups who are prioritizing sustainability on campus through event planning.  In June 2016, Sustainable MRU implemented the Green Events checklist to help faculty, staff, and students make their events more sustainable.

The checklist can be found here.

What to do: Review the checklist to help plan your event.  You will need to achieve at least 21/24 Yes or N/A selections to achieve 85%.  Once your event is completed, complete the checklist and email it  We will then recognize your event on our webpage!


Green Offices at Mount Royal

Environmental Services, October 3, 2016, has achieved 2 leaf certification!


Green Office Certification is a means to recognize those members and groups who are prioritizing sustainability on campus through their daily tasks, attitudes, and behaviors in the office.  Click on the picture below for more details or to complete the checklist for your office.  Once complete, email to and we will recognize your office on our webpage and give you a certificate to hang in your office.  Let's continue to strive for 3 leaves for all offices across campus!


Green Office Certificate