Collette Lemieux, PhD

Collette Lemieux

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Assistant Professor and Interim Director of Mokakiiks Centre for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning



PhD (Education), University of Calgary
MSc (Mathematics), University of Calgary
BEd (Secondary mathematics education), University of Calgary
BSc (Mathematics), McGill University, Quebec

Dr. Collette Lemieux is Assistant Professor and Interim Director of the Mokakiiks Centre for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. In her role as interim director, Collette oversees the annual SoTL Symposium, the SoTL development program, and the SoTL grants program. Her research program focuses on students’ learning when utilizing innovative pedagogical strategies. For example, after designing interactive stories for students to explore statistics, she investigated what types of understanding students demonstrated of key statistics topics. To better understand the type of cooperative learning students engage in, she has also investigated what students talk about during group exams.


Professional and scholarly interests

  • Mathematics education in post-secondary context
  • Statistics education in post-secondary context
  • Cooperative learning
  • Decoding the disciplines
  • Narrative assessments 


Selected publications and presentations

Lemieux, C., & Quiring, B. (2021). Revelations from story writing in business statistics: An exercise in decoding. Journal of University Teaching and Learning, 18(2).

Lemieux, C. & Chapman, O. (2020). Post-secondary students’ learning of descriptive statistics through story-based tasks. In Proceedings of Australian Conference on Science and Mathematics Education, 116-122.

Lemieux, C., & Chapman, O. (2020). Types of understanding of statistics demonstrated by postsecondary students. The Mathematics Educator, 1(1), 43-57.

Lemieux, C. (2020). The use of story-based tasks in post-secondary students’ learning of statistics [Doctoral dissertation, University of Calgary].

Lemieux, C. & Roettger, E. (2019). Students’ reasoning during a calculus two-stage exam. In A. Rogerson & J. Morska (Eds.), The Mathematics Education for the Future Project: Theory and Practice: An Interface or A Great Divide? (pp. 312 - 317). Munster, Germany: WTM-Vertlag.