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The ADC has transitioned to remote service delivery. We are not receiving space booking requests at this time.

ADC room bookings for faculty and staffThe ADC is pleased to share the use of our specialized programming and meeting spaces with the faculty and staff of the University. If you are interested in using one of our spaces, please refer to our guidelines for room booking and room use.

Mount Royal faculty and staff looking to book spaces from the general University pool of rooms must contact Scheduling Services, 403.440.6585

Students wishing to book student spaces in the RLLC, please contact the Library or click hereFor other spaces on campus, students can contact their department’s admin assistant/receptionist to submit a room booking request to Scheduling Services on their behalf.

External clients (non-MRU) seeking to book events or meeting spaces, please contact Events and Theatre Services, 403.440.8890Specialized SpacesSpecialized rooms have been designed to support the ADC's work. These rooms are designed with teaching and learning in mind. Check out these unique rooms equipped with state of the art technology:

  • Teaching and learning rooms
  • Active Learning Classroom
  • Flexible Learning Lab
  • Meeting Rooms
  • One Button Media Studios  

Flexible Learning Lab (FLL)
This room is designed to foster interactive, flexible, student-centered learning experiences with the optional use of technology. It features movable and stackable furniture to maximize the flexibility of the furniture configuration. It can be used as a classroom or meeting space.

Active Learning Classroom (ALC)

This room is designed to support teaching practices aligned with active learning principles based on the SCALE-UP model.

It has the following features:

  • Students are arranged in learning pods of six or seven members.
  • Each learning pod has a display screen, and students can connect laptops to the display.
  • A central podium allows the instructor to use their own laptop and determine the content that is displayed on screens around the room.

Observation Rooms
Two adjacent rooms, separated by a one way mirror, provide opportunities to observe and share feedback. Use these rooms for interviews, facilitation, counselling, or other interactive group skills.

Meeting Rooms
These meeting rooms serve two purposes: programing space for the ADC and/or bookable spaces for others in the University.  

One Button Media Studios
Take advantage of one of four One Button Studios in the Sandbox and START lab. Each room is equipped with recording equipment, lights and a green screen. With the touch of a button you can record your video and audio projects. All you need to bring is a flash drive.
Book Sandbox Media Production Room here.

Room Name Room Number Use Seating Layout Video - conference Display Web Conference Sound Laptop - enabled Podium Special Equipment
ADC Boardroom EL2170 Meetings  18

- Fixed table

- Chairs


* 10 days advance notice required

Projection screen Yes  Yes  Yes  
Meeting Room A EL2360 Meetings  9

- Fixed table

- Chairs


* 10 days advance notice required
70-inch monitor, touch-responsive  Yes  Yes  No  
Meeting Room B EL2362 Meetings  9

- No table 

-Moveable armchairs


* 10 days advance notice required
80-inch monitor, touch-responsive Yes  Yes  No  
Observation Rooms EL2172 V&W


- Facilitation

- Counselling
- Other interactive group skills


- One table in each room

-Moveable chairs

  Single monitor per room   Yes  

- No podium

- HDMI ports

Sandbox Media Production Room EL2274 B

Smaller room for recording torso framed shots sitting down.

* For faculty use only

 2             One Button setup with green screen
START Media Production Room EL2230 A, B Smaller room for recording torso framed shots sitting down.  


(in each room)

            One Button setup with green screen
START Media Production Studio EL2230 C Large production studio perfect for recording standing shots or multiple people.   6             One Button setup with green screen and projector options
Active Learning Classroom EL2463 Classroom  36 - Fixed
- Six D-shaped tables (pods)
 No Yes, one monitor per pod  Yes Reinforced sound with instructor lapel mic and student table mics Yes  
Flexible Learning Lab EL2462

- Classroom
- Meeting space

 28 - 14 small tables and chairs
- Flexible layout

* 10 days advance notice required
80-inch, dual-monitor display  No Yes, instructor handheld mic for reinforced sound; table mics for use with with video conferencing  Yes  


To reserve one of our spaces, faculty and staff are invited to contact:

Nancy Funke