Programs & Services

Programs and Services

Drop-in helpThe ADC provides several options for just-in-time teaching/learning support to faculty and instructional staff. These drop-in options are in keeping with our stated value of providing support and service in a responsive and proactive manner.

  • Sandbox (Drop-in technology support)

Professional developmentThe ADC provides Mount Royal faculty members with a variety of professional learning and development opportunities ranging from stand-alone workshops and workshop series which run over multiple sessions, to semester-long faculty study groups and also year-long Faculty Learning Communities (FLC). These PD opportunities are facilitated ADC faculty development consultants and address broad topic areas related to pedagogy, curriculum, assessment, teaching effectiveness, scholarship, and technology integration, in the university context.

Faculty orientation and supportThese programs are designed to orient new faculty to best practices in teaching and learning and to provide opportunities for socialization, community building, and professional learning. The goal of these programs is to contribute toward effective and scholarly teaching and overall success and satisfaction in faculty roles.

Support and serviceADC offers a number of supports and services as a means of assisting faculty in their roles. Whether through consultation, or more hand-on forms of assistance, we work collaboratively with faculty, providing complementary expertise, in order to assist faculty to achieve specific goals.

Annual and special eventsADC hosts special events that showcase teaching and learning. These may one-time events or held annually. These events are advertised through email.