Visitor & Daily Parking

Pay on Foot

Pay on Foot is Mount Royal's newest parking system, which is currently in place in Lot 2 and the East Gate Parkade. It allows customers to pay for parking at an indoor pay station prior to returning to their vehicle.

Pay stations for Lot 2 are conveniently located at the Recreation entrance and the West Gate entrance, while pay stations for the East Gate Parkade are located in the P1, P2, and P3 lobbies.

Pay on Foot also provides customers with a grace period where stays shorter than 30 minutes are free.

How to use the Pay on Foot system

1. As you enter the lot, press the green button on the ticket dispenser to receive a ticket. Keep it with you when you leave your vehicle.

Pay on Foot 1

2. Before you return to your vehicle, go to a Pay on Foot pay station. Tickets from Lot 2 must be paid at the pay stations located at the Recreation entrance or West Gate. Tickets from the East Gate Parkade must be paid at a pay station in the P1, P2, or P3 lobby.

Pay on Foot 2

3. At the Pay on Foot pay station, insert your ticket into the slot above the drawing of a ticket. The ticket must be inserted parallel to the ground. The display screen will show the cost of parking for the time you have used.

Pay on Foot 3

4. Follow the instructions from the machine on where to insert either your cash or credit card (only Visa and MasterCard are accepted).

Pay on Foot 4

5. Take your exit ticket from the pay station. You will have 15 minutes to return to your vehicle and exit the parking lot.

Pay on Foot 5a

6. Return to your vehicle and drive to the lot exit. Insert your exit ticket into the terminal and the gate will open.

Pay on Foot 6