COVID-19 Update: 

Since Mount Royal University will continue with alternative delivery formats in the Winter 2021 semester, the U-Pass program will be deferred until Fall 2021. Students will not be charged any fees for U-Pass this winter. 

For students who need to purchase transit passes, the Students' Association is offering 40% off the regular price. Please visit SAMRU’s website for more information.

For other transit options please visit the City of Calgary transit website. All U-Pass inquiries can be emailed to parking@mtroyal.ca.


U-Pass Program Regulations

U-Pass program has been deferred to Fall 2021

The U-Pass is a unique validation sticker applied to your current Mount Royal Campus Card. It grants full access to available transit services during the semester. You must be currently registered as a full-time student (must be 9 or more credits registered at MRU) to be eligible for the U-Pass program.

Full-time students (registered in at least 60% of a full course load) enrolled in the Massage Therapy Diploma, Certificate, Personal Fitness Training Diploma and the Language Education for Academic Purposes program will be eligible for the U-Pass.  Students enrolled in Open Studies or Academic Upgrading who are registered in at least 3 courses will also qualify for the U-Pass.  Please consult the Registrar Office for eligibility and details.

  • The U-Pass is not transferable, cannot be sold or loaned, and is for the exclusive use of the purchasing student.
  • U-Pass privileges may be revoked by Calgary Transit if it is misused or presented for transportation by any person other than the person to whom it is issued
  • Calgary Transit maintains the rights to inspect the U-Pass used by a student and to ask the student for another form of identification, to ensure that the U-Pass is being used by the person to whom it is issued.
  • Calgary Transit maintains the right to deny a student access to the Calgary Transit system, and impose fines in accordance with The City by-laws, if the student does not possess a valid U-Pass or other valid pass or ticket.



Important Dates
Opt-out Information

U-Pass - Deferred to 2021-2022 Academic Year


U-Pass will be available inside the Cougar Campus Store (H100)
TBA Students must have a current U-Pass decal affixed to their Campus Card to ride transit under the program. Calgary Transit policy states that anyone riding without valid proof of payment will be subject to at least a $250 fine.
TBA Deadline to submit U-Pass opt-out forms. Eligible students must have submitted their required documentation and opt-out form to the Parking Office Service Counter inside the Cougar Campus Store (H100).
TBA Refunds processed for approved opt-out applications. A credit will be applied to students' accounts following confirmation of payment of their U-Pass fee.










 U-Pass Program Terms and Conditions (Deferred to 2021-2022 Academic Year)

1) The U-Pass stickers grant access to any Calgary Transit system routes from September 1  to December 31 and January 1 to April 30 respectively. Students can utilize the Calgary Transit system routes as frequently as they desire during this period

2) A $ (TBA) (per semester) U-Pass program fee will be charged as part of the student's tuition.

3) The U-Pass stickers are strictly non-transferable, and that users may be subject to a $250 fines if the sticker is intentionally tampered with.

4) For lost or stolen U-Pass stickers, students are subject to a $ (TBA) replacement fee, limited to one replacement per semester (unless authorized by the Parking Services Manager).

5) Students must present the U-Pass sticker, along with photo identification (such as Campus Cards and/or Drivers' licenses), to any Calgary Transit Enforcement Official requesting Proof of Payment when accessing the Calgary Transit system.

6) Calgary Transit Enforcement Officers reserve the rights to revoke and suspend any U-Pass stickers if they are deemed for misused at any time.

7) Calgary Transit also maintains the rights to deny a student access to the Calgary Transit system if the student does not possess a valid U-Pass sticker. U-Pass Opt-out

Opt-out deadline for Opt-out:

  • Fall 2020 - N/A, and;
  • Winter 2021 - N/A

Please ensure that you are eligible to opt-out of the U-Pass program prior to submitting a form. Only requests that fall within these exemption categories will be approved. Eligible students must submit separate opt-out requests for different semesters.

**Important Notice**
According to Calgary Transit and in accordance with the UPass contract, students cannot opt-out of the UPass program with the purchase of low-income bus passes. This is not a valid criteria for opting out of the program.