Withdrawal from a Course

If you wish to stop attending a class after the last date to adjust registration you can withdraw from classes online through, by email, or in person using a withdrawal form, at the Office of the Registrar. This must be done on or before the last day to withdraw.

To withdraw by email, please fill out the withdrawal form then scan and send your request from your student email address to

When you withdraw from a class, you will receive a W on your transcript, but it will not affect your GPA. You will not receive a tuition refund. If you do not officially withdraw from courses that you have stopped attending, you will receive an F grade for those courses. F grades are included in the calculation of your GPA and could have a serious impact on your academic status at Mount Royal.

Generally, withdrawing from a class is always a better choice than receiving an F, but you are encouraged to meet with your academic advisor to discuss the consequences of withdrawing versus receiving a poor or even failing grade in a course.

Before you withdraw you should:

  • Talk to your professor.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to see how withdrawing will affect your academic timeline.
  • Check with Financial Aid if you currently have a student loan.

Withdrawal with Cause
You may request approval for a withdrawal with cause from a course or courses until the last day of classes for the course(s). Supporting documentation that clearly establishes a medical and/or psychological reason for the request must be provided. The supporting documentation must explicitly state why the medical and/or psychological condition made it impossible to meet the deadline and/or why you are not in a position to complete the semester. If applicable, you must also provide an explanation why you did not pursue an 'I' contract for the course.

  • All requests are subject to a review and approval process. Requests for a refund will not be considered after the Drop/Add deadline.
  • You must complete a withdrawal form, available at the Registrar's Office, and return it with supporting documentation on or before the last day of classes. If your request is approved, you will receive a "Withdrawal with Cause" (WC) on your permanent academic record for all withdrawn courses.

If you are unable to submit for a withdrawal with cause in person, you can also submit your request by email. To submit a request for withdrawal with cause by email, please fill out the withdrawal form then scan and send your request from your student email address to Please include a brief explanation of the circumstances of your withdrawal, and include any supporting documentation.

Requests to withdraw from courses will not be accepted over the telephone.

Please consult the Academic Calendar for additional details regarding withdrawing from courses at Mount Royal.