Assistive Technology

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology (AT) includes devices and software designed to help you overcome disability-related barriers in the academic setting.

For more details contact your assistive technology advisor (ATA). If you don’t have an ATA ask your access advisor for a referral

What to Expect in Your Technology Meeting

If your Access Advisor recommends assistive technology accommodations for you, they refer you to an Assistive Technology Advisor (ATA). Here’s what the meeting with an ATA will look like:

What you need for your meeting

  • If meeting in person on campus:

What will be covered:

  • Your educational history, the disability-related barriers you experience, and your academic goals
  • Recommendations for assistive technology
  • Installation and training of AT on your device
  • Potential eligibility for technology grants

Afterward, your ATA will send you an email summarizing what was discussed in your meeting, including links to extra resources.

Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Students with Permanent Disabilities 

As a student experiencing a disability, you may be eligible for grant funding to cover the cost of assistive technology.

Note: Funding eligibility is determined by eligibility for Canada Student Loans and based on documentation from a licensed professional.

  • Students may be eligible for up to $20,000 per school year for the Grant for Services and Equipment for Students with Permanent Disabilities. This grant covers exceptional education-related costs associated with a student's disability.
  • Examples of assistive technology include computers with screen reading software (e.g. Read&Write, JAWS or ZoomText), voice-activated software (e.g. Dragon Naturally Speaking), or audio recording devices (e.g. Livescribe Pen). 

Academic Term 2023/2024 Start Date End Date Deadline
Whole academic year Sept. 5, 2023 Apr. 20, 2024 Jan. 17, 2024
Full-time or Part-time Fall 2023 semester only Sept. 5, 2023 Dec. 23, 2023 Nov. 20, 2023
Full-time or Part-time Winter 2024 semester only Jan. 4, 2024 Apr. 20, 2024 Mar. 18, 2024
Full-time or Part-time Spring 2024 semester only May 6, 2024 June 21, 2024 May 3, 2024
Full-time or Part-time Summer 2024 semester only July 2, 2024 Aug. 21, 2024 June 28, 2024

For more information:

Grant Funding Reconciliation Worksheet

Alberta Student Aid

Canada Student Loans

Where Can I Find Accessible Computers on Campus?

The Computer Commons area on the first floor of the Riddell Library and Learning Centre has an accessible workstation with Read & Write, Kurzweil, and ZoomText for students to use.

There is also a CCTV (to magnify printed pages on a monitor), a scanner, and adjustable height tables in the same area.

All computers in the Library have Read & Write software installed.

Campus maps


  • Upcoming assistive technology workshops can be found on Accommodate. Click on the “Events” tab and then “Workshops” to sign up.

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