Prospective Students

If you experience barriers to your education based on a protected ground and are planning to attend Mount Royal University, get connected with Access and Inclusion Services!

Review the eligibility requirements

We provide services for both disability and non-disability related academic accommodation needs. Before getting started, review the eligibility requirements for access to accommodation services.

Register with Access and Inclusion Services

Once you have paid your MRU application fee, you can register with our services starting in May for the upcoming academic year. Register with our office by submitting a Public Request Form and your documentation of disability. Review the documentation requirements to make sure your submission is complete. The Verification of Disability Form can also be completed by the appropriate professional and used as documentation of disability.

Meet with an Access Advisor

Once you’ve registered with our office, you will meet with an Access Advisor. Read through what to expect during your first meeting with an Access Advisor.

Understand your rights and responsibilities

The accommodation process requires your active participation and communication. Our team is here to help you, but students are expected to be involved in the process and take responsibility for communicating their specific needs.

Student Rights

  • Access: all students have access to Mount Royal programs and services.
  • Confidentiality: all diagnostic documentation about your disability remains confidential within Access and Inclusion Services.
  • Appeal: Access Advisors assess the documentation of disability provided by you and determine what academic accommodation(s) will be recommended. You have the right to appeal these recommendations.

Student Responsibilities

  • Students will identify specific needs to Access and Inclusion Services
  • Students will provide relevant, corroborated, current medical, psychoeducational or psychological documentation to Access and Inclusion Services
  • Each semester, students will meet with their professors to provide them with a copy of their accommodation letter, discuss their accommodations, obtain each professor’s signature on the Professor Acknowledgement Form and return signed forms to Access and Inclusion Services
  • Students will pursue their studies with the same diligence required of all students and accept responsibility for their role in achieving program outcomes.