General UDL Information

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Universal Design for Learning with (and without) Technology 

2 short segments from a Flipped Classroom book:

  • How Universal Design for Learning Supports the Flipped Classroom (7 pages)
  • How UDL Supports Concept Mastery in the Flipped Classroom (5 pages)

Chapter co-authored with Barbi Honeycutt: Improve the Flipped Classroom with Universal Design for Learning (25 pages)

Multiple Means of Engagement

Robert Talbert: overview of Using Guided Practice to Build Self-Regulation

Learner-Centered Teaching: Encouraging Students to Do the Work of Learning with Dr. Terry Doyle (podcast)

First Day Questions for the Learner-Centred Classroom

Multiple Means of Action & Expression

Ungrading: Why Rating Students Undermines Learning (and What to Do Instead). Susan D. Blum. 2020. Virginia University Press.

Contract Grading