Massage Therapy Diploma


The Massage Therapy diploma is designed to present a comprehensive approach to wellness. This 2200-hour program is completed through a combination of lecture, blended and online courses. It integrates theory, research, and experiential learning within supervised settings.

Course selection

The diploma consists of 37 required courses. If you wish to complete the diploma in two years, we recommend that you follow the sequence outlined in the Program Planning Guide. Visit the Plan your Studies page for more details.

Course registration guide
To get started, please visit the Plan your Studies page for more information like:

  • Your Program Planning Guide
  • Step-by-step registration instructions
  • Registration help sessions sign-up
  • Information about textbooks, orientation, preparing for your first week and more

It is your responsibility to register in your courses and ensure that the courses you select meet the program and graduation requirements as outlined in the Program Planning Guide.



mruGradU8 is a program audit system and advising tool designed to assist you in reviewing your academic history, identifying requirements you completed, and identifying those requirements that are still needed for graduation. As you move through your diploma, mruGradU8 will become a great planning tool for you to measure your progress.

You will login to mruGradU8 through your account, under the 'My Program' tab. Please visit this pagefor more information about mruGradU8, including frequently asked questions.

The massage therapy program has a dedicated administration team that is here to support your during your time at MRU. You can connect with your advisor at with questions about your course selection or program path.