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Welcome to the Aviation Diploma at Mount Royal University!

Congratulations on your admission to the Aviation Diploma! As a student at Mount Royal, you will be able to open doors to a wide range of learning and career opportunities.

If you are eager to register in your courses, below are the recommended first year courses. The information in this guide is a useful resource as you learn about your Mount Royal program.

All core courses must be taken in the sequence shown.

For course descriptions, please follow this link to the Academic Calendar.

Year One, Semester 1 [Fall], Sept. - Dec.
» AIRF 1101 - Introduction to Aviation Navigation
» AIRF 1109 - Aviation Meteorology (Introductory)
» AIRF 1130 - Aircraft Engines*
» GEOG 1101 - The Physical Environment
» ENGL 1101 / GNED 1401 - Critical Reading and Writing

*please note that this course is presented at the SAIT CYYC campus; students are responsible for their own transportation to this course

Year One, Semester 2 [Winter], Jan. - Apr.
» AIRF 2101 - Aviation History and Air Law
» AIRF 2109 - Advanced Aviation Meteorology
» AIRF 2111 - Aeronautics, Industry and Flight Operations
» HEPD 2872 Wilderness Survival Techniques (course runs over two weekends)
» AIRF 3210 - Aviation Technology and Aircraft Systems
General Elective Requirements, Cluster 1, 2, 3, or 4, any Tier (one course from each Cluster is required for graduation)

16 Courses
Each diploma has an area of focus which will be covered in these courses.
General Education
five courses
You choose your Gen Ed courses from four clusters:
- numeracy and scientific literacy,
- values, beliefs and identity,
- community and society, and
- communication.

As part of your diploma, five courses will consist of General Education courses.

You must take:

Cluster 1: One course from Foundation or Tier 2 or Tier 3
Cluster 2: One course from Foundation or Tier 2 or Tier 3
Cluster 3: One course from Foundation or Tier 2 or Tier 3
Cluster 4: Two courses: one from Foundation AND one from Tier 2 or Tier 3 (Recommended SPCH 2001 - Introduction to Public Speaking)

It is your responsibility to register in your courses and ensure that the courses you select meet the program and graduation requirements as outlined in the information above.

Use the online Academic Calendar to explore possible courses of interest and to check that you meet prerequisites. You will register for courses using the registration system found in, Register & Pay tab.

Resource site for registration help you solve your registration issues:


mruGradU8 is a program audit system and advising tool designed to assist you in reviewing your academic history, identifying requirements you completed and those that are still needed for graduation. As you move through your degree, mruGradU8 will become a great planning tool for you to measure your progress.

You will login to mruGradU8 through your account, under the 'My Program' tab. When you click on the icon or follow the link, your audit will open.

In order to ensure that your curriculum is current, please click the 'Process New' tab at the top of the audit every time that you login to mruGradU8.

The information in your audit is separated into two sections:

  • Core and/or Major Requirements
  • General Education (GNED) Requirements

Each semester, information about your course registration will be added to your audit so you can see which courses you register in and which ones you complete. This will be a great tool for you and your advisor to use to ensure that the courses you are taking will meet graduation requirements for your program.

Please visit this
page for more information about mruGradU8, including frequently asked questions.

This guide has been carefully prepared to help you with the information you need to register for classes. The Aviation department reserves enough seats in the core classes for all admitted students. You may contact Deanna by email at if you have further questions.