Pathways to Success

OSS - Pathways to success

Pathways to Success is a tailored five-session program designed to support students who are struggling. It takes a holistic approach to student success and provides an opportunity for students
to learn and practice new strategies that can enhance their success, both personally and academically.

Students with a cumulative grade point average (cGPA) below 2.0 receive an invitation to join Pathways to Success from the Office of Student Success. Students that accept the invitation will be provided with strategies to help them: 

  • combat procrastination and stay motivated 
  • manage their time effectively
  • enhance the ways they study
  • overcome self-doubt that may have impacted their studies in the past 
Winter 2021 Pathways to Success sessions will be hosted online via Google Meet. The five-session program will begin on January 18th and conclude on February 1st, allowing sudents to put what they learn from Pathways into action right away and see impacts within the same semester.

If you have any questions about Pathways, please contact Bri Harvie at