Peer Mentorship Program


Mentors: Academic & Personal Success (MAPS)

The MAPS Peer Mentorship Program provides peer-to-peer mentorship experiences for first-year students at Mount Royal University. Recognizing the importance of supporting students as they transition into university, this program empowers both the mentor and mentee to establish relationships and hone their academic skills through education, culture, community and wellness. The MAPS program is committed to supporting student success. 



Be a Peer Mentor 

   Peer Mentors in the program will:

  • Support first-year students transitioning into MRU through a mutually rewarding experience
  • Develop mentorship and leadership skills
  • Gain valuable leadership and community service experience to include on your resume and scholarship applications
  • Increase feelings of connectedness and belonging within the MRU community  

For the full role description, click here. 

Peer Mentor applications for 2019-2020 are now online! Apply by March 17, 2019.


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Work with a Peer Mentor 

    First-year students (mentees) in the program will:

  • Connect with an experienced MRU student in their program
  • Develop strategies to successfully transition into MRU
  • Understand the supports and services available for personal and academic success
  • Increase feelings of connectedness and belonging within the MRU community 


Mentee applications for Winter 2019 are now closed.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions:  


Why work with a Peer Mentor?

Check out the video below to hear about the value of working with a peer mentor:



We encourage all students to pursue their passions and explore all of the great opportunities on campus to develop their leadership skills and gain valuable leadership experience. Visit Student Leadership to learn more!


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