Full Year Registration frequently asked questions

Full Year Registration allows students to register for the Fall and Winter Semesters at the same time. Beginning in March 2019 (continuing students) and April 2019 (new students) for the Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 Semesters, Full Year Registration gives you the opportunity to plan your schedule for the entire academic year and stay on track in your program.

This list of Frequently Asked Questions has been organized into the following categories:

If you are registering for Fall and Winter at the same time
Paying the Registration Deposit
Registration Access Dates
If you are registering for Fall and Winter at the same time.

Yes, however for increased course selection and the ability to construct a schedule in advance, it is recommended to register for both the Fall and Winter terms at the same time.
Yes, you can make changes to your schedule until the last day to adjust registration (Add/Drop) for each semester.

If you register for the semester then decide not to attend, you must drop all courses from your schedule and any non-refundable deposits will be retained by Mount Royal.
Consult with your advisor and use mruGradU8 and/or advising guides to determine what courses you require and in what order.
No, courses will continue to be offered on a term by term basis.
Generally, instructors are assigned a couple of weeks prior to the start of the semester but are subject to change.
There are separate fee payment deadline(s) for each semester. The fee payment deadline(s) is applicable to those courses that you’ve registered in, for that particular semester. Please see the Academic Schedule to determine what the fee payment deadline(s) is for a particular term.

Note: there are two fee payment deadlines for the Fall Semester. One for those who register prior to Aug. 15 and another for those who register after. All other semesters have one fee payment deadline.
There is no change to how prerequisites are checked. You will continue to be able to register for courses that you’re currently completing the prerequisite requirements for until Aug. 1 for the Fall Semester and Dec. 1 for the Winter Semester. Students who do not meet the prerequisite requirements for a course will be de-registered from that particular course at the beginning of the semester that the course is offered in.
No, students will be able to waitlist for courses for each semester until the last day to waitlist for a course for that semester. See the Academic Schedule for the last day to waitlist for a course for a particular semester.  
No, the exam schedule will still be posted approximately six weeks before the last day of classes for the respective semester.
Most programs only admit students in the Fall Semester. If you are newly admitted into a program for the Fall Semester and you do not attend, you are not permitted to register for courses in that program in subsequent semesters. If you have previously registered for Winter courses, your Winter registration will be cancelled.
Spring and Summer registration is independent of Full Year Registration. You can register for Spring/Summer Semesters in accordance with the dates outlined in the Academic Schedule.

 Paying the Registration Deposit

The non-refundable Registration Deposit confirms your intent to attend classes for a particular semester. It is a mandatory deposit that continuing students must pay to register for the Fall or Winter Semester. The deposit will be credited toward your tuition; however, if you choose to drop all courses for the semester Mount Royal will retain the deposit. This replaces the Cancellation Fee.
All continuing students are required to pay the Registration Deposit. New students pay a $425 Tuition Deposit.
$125 per semester, so $250 for Fall and Winter.
You can begin paying your non-refundable Registration Deposit on Mar. 4, 2019 for the Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 semesters. Once paid, you’ll be able to view your Registration Access Date.
Go to Pay Deposits on the Register & Pay tab in MyMRU and select Registration Deposit. You will be prompted to enter your credit card information. Payments made via credit card will appear on your account immediately.
If your payment is made on, or after your Registration Access Date you can register immediately. If your payment is made prior to your Registration Access Date you must wait until it is your day to register.
Students are expected to cover the Registration Deposit amount if they are receiving funding; this non-refundable deposit goes towards your tuition.Contact Student Awards & Financial Aid for assistance with financial aid, scholarships or external/third-party funding questions.
Yes, you will be required to accept your offer of (conditional) admission and pay the $425 tuition deposit to secure your seat in your new program.
No, if you pay the $425 Tuition Deposit for Fall, you can proceed to register in both Fall and Winter terms. No Registration Deposit is required.

Registration Access Dates

Your Registration Access Date is now based on the number of credits accumulated towards your credentialed program, instead of the total number of credits accumulated at Mount Royal.
Non-credentialed programs include: Academic Upgrading, Aboriginal Education Program, Bachelor of Arts - Undeclared, Bachelor of Education - Minor Undeclared, Bachelor of Science Comp Sci - University Transfer, Open Studies, and University Entrance Option.

Continuing students enroled in non-credentialed programs (one that you cannot graduate from) are assigned the last day of continuing student registration. 
If possible, declare your major or minor prior to Mar. 4 and before you start to register for classes. If you can not meet this deadline, please declare as soon as you can.
Unclassified students will continue to register between the first business day of the month that classes begin for a given semester and the last day to adjust registration (add/drop) for the semester.